• April 14, 2021

Which Vanderpump Rules Cast Member Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Vanderpump Rules is a Bravo reality TV series with many crazy cast members. Here’s how they match up with the signs of the zodiac.

If you’re a fan of Vanderpump Rules, you know that the cast members are some of the most engaging reality television stars ever. While every fan has their favorite cast members, they all have distinct personalities and have had some memorable moments throughout the past eight seasons.This list looks at the traits of the main cast members combined with their actual zodiac signs to pair you with which star you are based on your astrological sign. 

12Aquarius: James Kennedy

James Kennedy is an Aquarius, and this makes a lot of sense as he fits many of the traits associated with this sign. He has a youthful energy about him that goes well with the progressive-minded Aquarius. He’s also idealistic and unique with big dreams.

While he doesn’t always make the best choices, he has a quick wit and intelligence, and, on the negative side, he also has the Aquarius traits of being impulsive and unpredictable.

11Pisces: Kristen Doute

Kristen Doute is a Pisces herself, and she definitely fits the energy of the sign. She has a bit of a flowing energy about her that goes well with this water sign.

She also has artistic sides like a Pisces, but the biggest thing about her that is in line with this sign is that she’s highly emotional driven. She can be sensitive and moody, and these are two things that most Pisces individuals have to deal with.

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10Aries: Jax Taylor

While Jax Taylor is actually a Cancer sun sign, given that many of the main cast members are Cancer sun signs, we are looking at some of his other traits here.

He is the cast member that makes the most sense as an Aries, and he likely has some of this sign in his chart. He has many of the best and worst traits of this sign. He is confident and passionate, but he is also extremely selfish, impulsive, and prone to angry outbursts.

9Gemini: Peter Madrigal

While Peter might not be featured on the series as much as he used to be, he has been a consistent figure over the years. Peter is a Gemini sun, and he fits this sign well.

He is one of the most adaptable cast members who can roll with things, and he is also good at communicating in his role as SUR manager. He is enthusiastic and chill, but, on the less positive side, he can be a bit flighty.

8Taurus: Scheana Marie

Scheana Marie is another person on this list who was matched because this is her actual zodiac sign. There are some things about her that don’t seem like a Taurus, but many of her prominent traits are in line. She has some of the less positive aspects of Taurus such as being overly stubborn and easily offended. But, on a more positive note, she has a very ambitious side to her.

She also represents the Taurus traits of being focused on the finer things in life.

7Cancer: Ariana Madix

One interesting thing when studying the zodiac signs of the Vanderpump Rules cast members is that many of them have Cancer sun signs. This makes sense given the fact that many of them can be a bit too emotional and sensitive at times.

While Ariana does have some of those traits, she also represents some of the best things about the Cancer sign. She is compassionate, loyal, and protective of those she cares about, but she can also be a bit moody and prone to melancholy.

6Leo: Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval is another character who is a Cancer, but he also has many Leo traits and likely has this sign somewhere in his chart in a strong way.

Sandoval can be the life of the party in many ways, and this is something often associated with Leos. He’s lively, optimistic, caring, and loyal. And, on the slightly more negative side, he can be attention-seeking, competitive, and arrogant.

5Virgo: Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is a Virgo, and it really makes sense. She has a ton of Virgo traits, and these traits are likely why she’s been so successful in life.

Virgos are known for being the organizers and planners and for being successful. Lisa is smart, analytical, calm, and a problem solver and this has Virgo written all over it. But, she also has more negative traits of being judgemental, critical, and fussy.

4Libra: Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz is one of the only Libras from the main cast, and it’s not surprising. Anyone who knows about astrology and has watched Vanderpump Rules can see that Tom’s Libra nature is strong. He has the libra traits of being diplomatic, seeing all sides, and extremely charming.

But, he also has the bad side of being a Libra as he is very indecisive, lazy, manipulative, and unrealizable.

3Scorpio: Stassi Schroeder

Stassi is another Cancer sun sign from the cast which has since given her emotionally driven nature, but she also has many Scorpio traits. Stassi has the intense energy of this water sign and many of both the positive and negative traits.

On the good side, she’s focused, ambitious, intense, and assertive. She also has the love of creepy things that many Scorpios enjoy. But, on the negative side, Stassi can be jealous, possessive, resentful, and domineering.

2Sagittarius: Lala Kent

Lala is actually a Virgo sun sign which might surprise people given her rather fiery nature and that he’s rather compelling with her star power.

However, she does have many Sagittarius traits, too. She is sociable, fun, honest, wild, but also has a side that is surprisingly caring and deep, and these are the hallmarks of a Sagittarius. Some of her negative traits also apply such as being attention-seeking, brutally honest, and boastful.

1Capricorn: Katie Maloney

Katie does have Capricorn as her sun sign, and this fits very well with who she is. Her energy is definitely in line with this earth sign, and she has many of these traits.

On the positive end of things, Katie is loyal meticulous, sincere, and at times soft-hearted. She also has many of the negative personality traits of Capricorn such as being critical, unforgiving, suspicious, and prone to melancholy.



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