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Which The 100 Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Fans of The 100 may be surprised to find out just how much they have in common with some of their favorite characters via the zodiac.

The characters of The 100 have spent so much time fighting for their lives that they don’t have the time to take personality quizzes or read horoscopes. The more practical among them would probably scoff at the idea, but the dreamers and the philosophers would certainly be intrigued. 

Fans who fall into the latter camp might also be interested in discovering just how much they had in common with some of their favorite characters via the zodiac. Western astrological signs are used to guide those who believe in it with a broad overview of personality traits. Those personality traits are exactly what were used to determine the zodiac signs of these 12 The 100 characters.

12Aries: Bellamy

Those born under the sign of Aries are passionate leaders. They can be impulsive and rebellious at times, and they can find a way to argue themselves out of just about any situation.

Bellamy is all of that, but he is also the kind of person who tackles his problems headfirst, willing to barrel his way right into a situation instead of trying to avoid it altogether.

11Taurus: Abby

A Taurus tends to be a creature of habit, but also one with a creative mind. Stubborn and patient, they tend to want to do things their way. As a doctor, Abby is used to having a strict structure to her life.

She’s also, however, the kind of person who can think outside of the box to come up with solutions to her problems.

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10Gemini: Murphy

Called the twins, a Gemini is someone who can change their mind on a daily basis. They tend to be real charmers, which might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Murphy, but it’s certainly the case with plenty of people adept at conning others.

Murphy is able to flip his loyalty, or at least pretend to flip his loyalty, at the drop of his hat. It’s rare for anyone to doubt the sincerity with which he does it either. He exemplifies the charm and quick wit of a Gemini best.

9Cancer: Clarke

Hard outer shells with soft middles, Cancers are best known as the crab. Clarke, who always tries to put on a tough appearance despite how much it kills her to make difficult decisions certainly falls in line.

She’s also intuitive, often able to understand her enemies on a level no one else can, and practical, understanding the sacrifices that might have to be made in impossible situations.

8Leo: Echo

A Leo can be a prickly person. If they don’t like someone or something, everyone knows it. They also, however, are incredibly generous, loyal, and protective. Some might not think that describes Echo since she lived the bulk of her life as a spy.

Echo, however, always does what she has to do for the greater good. Before, the “greater good” just happened to be keeping Azgeda Nation intact. She doesn’t betray those who have earned her trust, and she knows exactly how good she is at what she does.

7Virgo: Monty

Virgos are planners. They like their outlines, their charts, and knowing exactly what they’re walking into. Virgos also tend to be incredibly selfless. Monty is an intellectual, someone who can hack into anything and help craft nearly foolproof plans.

He also, however, makes the ultimate sacrifice for the human race, keeping everyone left of humanity alive and finding them a home while his life comes to an end.

6Libra: Emori

Like Geminis, Libras change their mind a lot. The difference here, however, isn’t a shifting alliance, but the tendency to want to think about all of their options. For someone like Emori, who has always lived her life in hostile environments, she’s always considering her options.

She’s also got the great social skills of a Libra, able to find her place in new communities with little effort.

5Scorpio: Octavia

Independent and intelligent, Scorpios tend to adapt well to new situations, just like Octavia. They tend to both embrace the unknown but act quickly on their suspicions.

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All of those traits can combine to make them arrogant, and even extreme in their beliefs. When Octavia took on the role of Bloodreina, she was at her most extreme version of Scorpio.

4Sagittarius: Jordan

A Sagittarius is someone with a real thirst for adventure. It makes sense that Jordan would be the character to embrace life, running headlong into new experiences. He is, after all, the one person who grew up without any peers on a spaceship.

The downside to his optimism and zest for life is that he can be careless with the secrets of others.

3Capricorn: Raven

A Capricorn, like a Virgo, is big on planning. They like orderly and methodical approaches to learning. Analytical and practical, they are good problem solvers.

Capricorns, also, however, can be emotional, though they often hide their feelings until anger boils over. As such, a Capricorn like Raven knows how to hold a grudge.

2Aquarius: Kane

An Aquarius can often be thought of as a rebel because their idealistic nature can put them at odds with others. They can also be thought of as visionaries, the kind of people who look for a better future.

Kane, despite making many bad decisions during his time on the Ark, is exactly that when it comes to survival. He tries to make peace with the new people he encounters, and he tries to find a new way for his people to go on.

1Pisces: Gaia

Dedicated and sentimental people, Pisces tend to be kind-hearted to a fault. Gaia, despite being raised as a warrior like most Grounders in Trikru, turns her back on a life of war to study the religion of her people.

She lives her life in service of her beliefs, intent on finding the next Commander for her people, no matter what it might cost.

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