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Which Teen Wolf Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The show Teen Wolf ‘s pivotal elements are its particular and supernatural creatures, whether they’re werewolves, wendigos, chimeras, ghost riders, and other creepy and particular mythical beings. Nevertheless, the main characters of this show, both the good guys and the villains, all have a human side that the public can somehow relate to.

Each one of them stands out thanks to their particular mannerism and characteristics, which make it possible to assign them a corresponding zodiac sign relying on the most common personality traits. Find out which one of them you relate to the most by reading their sign and personality description below!

12Aries: Liam

Liam Dunbar was a late addition to the show, but also one of the best characters in it. He falls into the Aries category because of his dynamic, feisty, and charming personality.

People of this sign are known for being quite enthusiastic in their approach to life, which is a trait that Liam shows off when he joins Scott’s pack. Liam matches the Aries sign even when it comes to his negative traits: impulsiveness, recklessness, and a short-temper characterize him as much.

11Taurus: Parrish

At first, Jordan Parrish is introduced as a mere deputy sheriff, but he later turns out to be a never-seen-before mythical creature named “Hellhound.”

Like most Taurus people, Parrish is one of the most reliable, feasible, and strong characters in the show’s last seasons. He’s always helping, collaborating, and trying to do the right thing; moreover, he’s one of the few people that the main characters trust outside of Scott’s group.

10Gemini: Stiles

Throughout the show, Stiles Stilinski became much more than just Scott’s best friend. He might be a Gemini, zodiacal sign characterized by their curiosity, loyalty, kindness, and humourous.

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Stiles cracks jokes and breaks in each episode, often to avoid his anxiety, common in people of this sign. He’s loyal for he never betrays his friends and curios for how he used to be interested in discovering new things- often supernatural events or threats.

9Cancer: Deaton

Dr. Alan Deaton is not one of the main characters, but he assists Scott and McCall’s pack from the first season to the last.

Deaton figures Scott is a werewolf pretty soon in the show, and as the boy works part-time in his veterinary clinic, he sympathizes with him and helps through the hard times without hesitation; hence, his zodiac sign might be Cancer, for its most common traits are the commonly are compassion, loyalty, and sympathy.

8Leo: Peter

Peter Hale appears in almost every Teen Wolf‘s season, sometimes as a villain and others as an ally. Peter can be charming and humorous, like most people of Leo sign. All he cares about is becoming the Alpha, the strongest werewolf among all, hence, he rigorously exhibits the most common negative traits of this zodiac sign: pride, jealousy, and the constant need to be at the center of attention.

Peter cannot stand being ignored or underestimated, which is why he keeps coming back and fighting for the Alpha’s position.

7Virgo: Chris

Chris Argent is initially introduced as an enemy, or rather a werewolves’ hunter, time in which he shows to be analytical, practical, and organized. These are some of the common details of the Virgo personalities, along with loyalty and empathy. Despite his aloofness and capacity to control his emotions, Chris feels empathy for the young lives in Scott’s group.

Moreover, he’s always going to be a good guy, indeed, he occasionally helps the pack defeat the imminent threats even after his daughter’s death.

6Libra: Melissa

Melissa McCall, or rather the main protagonist’s mother, embodies the Libra zodiac sign: she’s kind, generous, and caring, not only to her son but genuinely cares about people and the world; she’s a people-person and, indeed, a nurse.

She’s a balanced and fair-minded person, meaning that she has her values and idea clear and stable, a quality that turned out to reassure Scott as well. Melissa’s good at giving advice and has some of the most memorable quotes.

5Scorpio: Lydia

Lydia Martin is the main female lead of the series and one of the most powerful mythical creatures among all, that is a Banshee. Scorpios are typically characterized by a sharp intelligence and determination, which also are rigorous traits of her own.

Lydia’s considered a genius by the other characters, as she’s always resourceful and useful thanks to her deep knowledge in many subjects (both in and outside of school); McCall’s pack cannot survive long without her.

4Sagittarius: Malia

First introduced in season 3b, Malia Tate is a refreshing addition to Scott’s pack as she’s not a werewolf but a were coyote by genetic heritage. Despite the difficulties in getting back in touch with humanity and attending school again after isolation, she manages to be one of the most out-going characters of the show.

Hence, just like most Scorpio people, Malia’s jovial, straightforward (sometimes even tactless), funny, and a freedom-lover. It’s easy for her to positively influence the people around her.

3Capricorn: Derek

Derek Hale’s personality is the most complex among all, as he grows and changes a lot throughout the seasons. He matches the Capricorn’s personality because he’s quite ambitious (also to become an Alpha), practical, and reserved.

Also, he rigorously exhibits the negative traits of this zodiac sign when he’s grudging or pessimistic, mostly in the first couple of seasons. Capricorns are typically wise, a quality that Derek acquires throughout and transmits to Scott throughout the story, as he grows into an evolved werewolf.

2Aquarius: Allison

Allison Argent is than merely the main protagonist’s love interest: she’s a huntress, an independent woman, and one of the bravest characters in the show. Aquarius personalities are original, independent, humanitarian, and very clever, traits that have also always defined her.

She might get cold or detached, and might try to hide the empathetic side that drives her to never quit fighting against Beacon Hill’s supernatural threats, but at the end of the day, she’s a friendly person.

1Pisces: Scott

And last but not least, Scott McCall, the main protagonist and True Alpha of Teen Wolf. He’s the most consistent and genuine character, as he never gives up on his morals.

He exhibits numerous Pisces’ personality traits: compassion, kindness, selflessness, sympathy, sensitiveness, etc. Some of these attributes might occasionally fall in idealism and over-sensitiveness, but Scott manages to be balanced and to focus on helping his friends, no matter what; these are the pivotal elements of his evolution into the True Alpha.




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