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Which Shrek Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Shrek was the first animated film in over fifty years to be nominated for the most prestigious award at the Cannes, the Palme d’Or (for comparison, Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite won the award in 2019). It blew the lid off animated cinema when it came out in 2001 — basically deconstructing the fairy tale rule book established by Disney.

The franchise is nearly twenty years old, and currently hosts a number of characters who have been co-opted from fairy tale classics and reframed perfectly to fit the wacky world of Shrek. In the list below, a few of the major characters have been set alongside the Zodiac sign that best matches their personality traits.

12Shrek – Aries

Shrek is a typical Aries: He is frank about his opinions to the point of being blunt. Although humans keep trying to kill him, Shrek makes it a point to express his need for privacy, especially because he isn’t hurting anyone by living alone in his swamp.

Like many Aries folk, Shrek sometimes loses control of his emotions, in other words, his destructive tendencies take over when he is angry. Shrek displays commitment and loyalty to his friends, as seen when he goes to save Fiona from Lord Farquaad at great personal risk.

11Princess Fiona – Taurus

Those blessed by the bull are extremely hardworking, taking leaps in order to accomplish their objectives. However, they can also be single-minded, and can only be swayed from their course with great effort. Princess Fiona embodies both these Taurus characteristics, for instance, in her search for true love’s first kiss, she fights her away across the forests of Duloc, so she can finally be freed from her curse by marrying Farquaad.

However, it takes a considerable amount of work on Shrek and Donkey’s part to convince her that her true love lies elsewhere.

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10Donkey – Gemini

Donkey is a complex character, like Shrek’s metaphorical onion. He is generally cheerful and optimistic, which several characters love him for, but others (Shrek) find extremely irritating. Donkey is given to bouts of excitability, flitting all over the place when he is in a good mood, but can turn sullen and moody at the drop of a hat (his emotional state is rather tender.)

This binary nature of his places him under the Gemini sign. Another Gemini trait expressed by Donkey is his undying devotion towards Shrek and Fiona, which proves on a number of occasions.

9Lord Farquaad – Cancer

Lord Farquaad is, overall, a terrible person, sending other people off to die on quests while he basks in the resulting glory. Being a Cancer, he easily develops bitterness towards those who slight him or his ego, for instance, when people refer to his height insultingly.

Farquaad is fickle-minded, seeing as he only cares about things that affect him directly; he discards anyone or anything once he finds their utility has been diminished. He is also extremely possessive about his “property”, for example when Shrek tries to rescue Fiona, Farquaad clearly implies that she belongs to him.

8Pinocchio – Leo

Pinocchio, one of Shrek’s closest friends, is ready to help whenever required. In true Leo form, he shows a surprising amount of intelligence and strategic planning when he rescues Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots from prison.

He is incredibly friendly, almost never playing favorites with his friends. Pinocchio is incredibly courageous and resourceful, as well. This is seen when Shrek tosses him around in the air and flings him towards the Fairy Godmother, so he could grab her wand directly from her hands.

7King Harold – Virgo

People born under Virgo are highly perceptive, being able to picture a problem from all possible angles. King Harold exhibits these features when he asks the Fairy Godmother to change him from a frog into a human, thereby allowing him to marry Lilian.

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He is also naturally secretive, a classic Virgo personality, considering his true nature — however, this is partially because he was ashamed of his origins, and didn’t want to bring humiliation on the royal family. Being a perfectionist, Harold expects the same for his daughter, which is why he reacts with anger when he finds out that she wants to marry an ogre.

6Prince Charming – Libra

Prince Charming is a boastful, pretentious man whose mother’s creepy devotion towards his success has left him expecting the world to revolve around him. Like some Libras, his selfishness is actually a mask hiding his innumerable insecurities: this is obvious from the way he acts around Fiona and the other princesses.

Prince Charming rarely shows signs of intelligence, given that his brain space is mostly taken up by fawning thoughts of himself. For example, he tries to trick Fiona into thinking he is Shrek, but fails to emulate Shrek’s body movements as he believes the appearance change is enough.

5Fairy Godmother – Scorpio

Fairy Godmother is a typical Scorpio — from her fierce drive towards her goals to her refusal to hold back in a fight — she is an explosion simply waiting to happen. Her Zodiac sign grants her the strength required to concoct a plan elaborate enough to ensure her son inherits the kingdom of Far, Far Away.

The Fairy Godmother coats herself with a veneer of refinement of style, but she can bring her inner scorpion out, utterly destroying those opposing her, if necessary.

4Puss In Boots – Sagittarius

Puss in Boots is a loyal friend to Shrek, demonstrating his trustworthiness in several instances when his fighting skills save the day (as well as Shrek and Donkey.) As a Sagittarius, Puss is determined to make friends with Donkey, even though the latter despises him for taking the spotlight away from him. He is also very adventurous, considering that he works as a hired assassin, traveling to places far and wide in the course of his missions.

3Gingerbread Man – Capricorn

The Gingerbread Man, or Gingy, is first introduced as a victim of Lord Farquaad, who threatened to have him drowned in milk and even broke his legs off to get him to spill his secrets. However, Gingy is both crafty and creative, both definitive traits of the Capricorn sign.

This is reflected in his staunch resolve not to expose the hiding places of other fairy tale creatures to Farquaad. In fact, even when Farquaad pressures him by pulling at his gumdrop buttons, Gingy simply lies about the Muffin Man being involved.

2Dragon – Aquarius

The Aquarius sign is noted for the air of mystery that surrounds those born under it — which is a perfect description of Dragon’s personality. In the beginning, Dragon portrays herself as a fire-breathing monster whose sole purpose is to keep anyone from rescuing Princess Fiona from her tower. But her hostility is soon revealed to be an act when she shows that she is attracted to Donkey. According to Aquarius terms, Dragon rarely communicates her emotions, because members of this sign value their inner world too much to disclose its nature to most people.

1Magic Mirror – Pisces

The Magic Mirror on the Wall might be an enchanted object, but its emotions and thoughts are as real as can be. It has a sensitive nature, reflecting those of most Pisces, as seen when it is easily intimidated by Lord Farquaad threatening to shatter it. Magic Mirror is highly innovative as well, given its tendency towards pageantry and fanfare; for instance, it shows three princesses for Farquaad to choose from, namely, Snow White, Cinderella and Fiona, displaying them in the form of a television game show.




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