• April 13, 2021

Which Quentin Tarantino Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Quentin Tarantino in his career has created many iconic film characters. Here’s how they could be associated with the signs of the zodiac.

The zodiac signs say a lot about a person’s personality and style and based on which month you are born in there are certain characteristics common for you.Quentin Tarantino in his career has created many iconic characters that have been quoted and referenced many times over the years. Each sign will be assigned a Tarantino character that was featured in one of his nine films.

12Aries: Lt. Aldo Raine

Aries are described as brave, independent, and impulsive and the character from a Tarantino movie has to match in style and how they lead. Lt. Aldo Raine is a perfect fit because he leads from start to finish in Inglorious Bastards and bravery is certainly the main trait that he possesses.

The character is vicious in his hunt for Nazi scalps and he does not flinch when vicissitudes arise and he does not yield in his pursuit.

11Taurus: The Bride

Good taste, sensual, down to earth, and stubborn is the description for this sign and The Bride from the Kill Bill movies is a good match because she is both pretty and aggressive.

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She does not back down when she is left for dead and hunts down the people who betrayed her with a ferociousness that fits the stubborn description of Taurus.

10Gemini: Calvin Candie

Dynamic, many talents, and likes games is also the same description you could use for the character of Calvin Candie in Django Unchained. He is not on screen for much of the film but he has a commanding presence when he is there and his unique style can not be forgotten.

A violent character that enjoys watching people fight to the death and is also a gambler on almost every event. He does not meet a good end but his plantation and evilness is hard to miss when he first appears on-screen.

9Cancer: Dr. Shultz

Sensitive, friend-oriented, and practical is the description for this sign and the match for a Tarantino character would be Dr. Shultz from Django Unchained.

He is a ruthless bounty hunter but when he learns the story of Django looking for his wife he decides he will help reunite them. He places his own life ahead of his friends and is selfless in trying to help find a solution for people close to him going through a crisis.

8Leo: Rick Dalton

Creative, popular, and faithful are the main traits for the sign of Leo and a fitting character to match would be Rick Dalton from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Dalton is a fading movie star who does not realize that people enjoy his acting and movies but he is always looking for how to expand his brand. He is creative and popular even though he spends most of his time thinking he is inadequate and crying about not being as famous anymore.

7Virgo: Lt. Archie Hicox

Successful, creative, and clever and for this character Lt. Archie Hicox from Inglorious Bastards works well as he is a popular film critic in Britain.

He is then recruited to be a spy for the Allies and pose as a German officer and he does well until he blows his cover. Speaking multiple languages is a skill that takes a lot of work and he has a vast knowledge for films that he wrote a book about which makes him the best fit for the Virgo sign.

6Libra: Arlene

Irresistible, adventurous, and indecisive are the Libra’s main characteristics as is the same for Arlene from the movie Death Proof. She wears tight shorts and gives a lap dance in one scene that is hard to take your eyes off and she brings all of the attention towards her.

It is hard not to notice this character and she moves with grace and style that make her memorable even though she is not the lead of the film.

5Scorpio: Django

Self-reliant, powerful, and dominant describe Scorpio, and Django is similar because he does not need anyone to help him rescue his wife.

He does not care who gets in his way and is powerful in how he stands up to every possible captor. It is a strong character that does not meet a sad demise and he leads well throughout the film.

4Sagittarius: Cliff Booth

Open-minded, loving, and insensitive are common in people with the Sagittarius sign and Cliff Booth is a character that matches this well. He is a stunt double and does not really get too attached to anything except for his friends and work.

There is a dark past that is not explained but he is driven to redeem himself and he tries to protect his friends and dog no matter what the situation.

3Capricorn: Mr. White

A character from Tarantino’s first movie Reservoir Dogs is a good match for Capricorn because he is also hardworking, straightforward, and stubborn.

He does not believe anyone would sell him out to the cops and he stays till the bitter end even when he should not. He moves through the crisis as best he can but in the end, he is not successful because of his stubbornness.

2Aquarius: Mrs. Wallace

Innovative, admired, and eccentric describe Mrs. Wallace from Pulp Fiction, she does not stay with the mainstream of doing things. She is really good looking and her dance moves are easy to admire but she also is a leader in her own way.

All of the other characters admire her and she uses unique ways to spread her influence and ultimately get people to behave the way she wants them to.

1Pisces: Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate is free, sensual, and sensitive as is the Pisces sign and she is someone who had her stardom end far too soon. Free is a good way to describe her because she would dance and enjoy life and go to many parties with films.



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