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Which Ozark Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign


Most people connect with certain characters on Ozark, but which character would you be based on your Zodiac sign?

While Ozark is a show purely based on illegal activities, the characters are incredibly relatable. This is mainly due to the family aspect of the show and how much detail is placed on each character throughout the series. 

Within this list, we will take a look at who you would be from Ozark, purely based on the zodiac traits. Taking a look at the personalities of the main characters from the series and how they act throughout the show, we will determine which character you would most likely be.

12Aquarius – Jonah Byrde

Jonah Byrde is the youngest member of the Byrde family, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t involved in the family dealings. While he is still quite an innocent person, he is thrown into a tough situation, and he is forced to use his incredible intelligence to really help out when needed.

Jonah is especially useful with technology, and because of that, a lot of people often want his help, which he is normally happy to offer due to his kind nature, which makes him a perfect Aquarius. He is also someone who is simply pure and innocent for the most part, which is often an Aquarius trait.

11Pisces – Wendy Byrde

Wendy Byrde is one of the show’s leading characters, and she is someone who proves herself to be incredibly resourceful, creative, and independent. She is a dark horse who quickly proves herself to be very useful with her firm grip of the political standings.

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However, while she can be passionate and is often sympathetic towards others, she tends to be a closed book herself. Wendy doesn’t overly showcase emotion, not even to her husband, but when she does, it is often at a very extreme level with huge rage that normally leads to her trying to get revenge for something.

10Aries – Rachel Garrison

Rachel Garrison may no longer be part of the show, but the former owner of the Blue Cat Lounge was certainly a popular character during her time. While her business wasn’t exactly booming, she was popular amongst the locals and proved to be a kind and caring boss to those who worked for her.

That’s why she would be an Aries, as they are known for being very bubbly and full of life, which Rachel often is. While she’s not always overly happy with her situation, she is certainly someone who leads by example to her staff and is incredibly caring of others.

9Taurus – Ruth Langmore

The most common trait of a Taurus is stubbornness, and that perfectly sums up Ruth Langmore. She is someone who refuses to take no for an answer, she’s not happy to settle with the circumstances that life has provided her, and she constantly works hard for more.

While she might not be the brightest character within the series, she simply will not give up, and that attitude helps her gain the respect of everyone she encounters. She’s scared of nothing and is happy to dish out punishment, verbally or physically, which makes her someone people don’t want to cross.

8Gemini – Charlotte Byrde

Charlotte Byrde is a very smart character. Despite the fact that she’s a young adult she is certainly capable and knows how to play the game just as her parents do. She is also able to adapt to her situations, always working out what she thinks is the best for herself personally.

These are both traits of a Gemini, not to mention that she is also a very outgoing person, which is the complete opposite of her young brother. Charlotte is happy to pop out and talk to as many people as possible, even if that ends up leading into issues.

7Cancer – Helen Pierce

People who are in the Cancer zodiac are notorious for having two very different sides to their personality. They are protective and loyal to everyone who they are close with, yet they can be incredibly vindictive and evil to those who double-cross them.

This is very much how Helen acts throughout the series. She is incredibly secretive and clever with her actions, and she does help the Byrde family a lot until her trust and bond with her daughter is compromised. Then there is nobody that is off-limits to her.

6Leo – Ben

Ben was added to Ozark in the latest season, and he brought something very unique to the show, which really made things interesting. He had a fantastic personality, especially when he was on his medication and would happily talk to as many people as he could, which is something Leos are well-known for.

However, Leos are also strong and brave people, which Ben certainly is as well. He lives through being Bipolar, which isn’t an easy situation, yet he always shows a brave face and continues to battle through despite any negatives going through his life.

5Virgo – Sam Dermody

Sam Dermody might only be a supporting character within the series, but he is someone who fans do really enjoy when he pops up. He is a very kind person, and that is why he’d be a Virgo as Sam is always thinking about others and is more than happy to help out due to his reliability.

However, he is certainly very gullible and easy to persuade to do something, which the Byrde family happily takes advantage of throughout the series. His kindness ends up being a source of weakness for him, which is a real shame as he struggles to stand up for himself.

4Libra – Maya Miller

Maya Miller is a special agent who works for the FBI and begins to work on taking down Marty Byrde by analyzing the casino and its incoming and outgoing cash flow. However, she proves why she’d be a fantastic Libra by becoming very fair and trying to find a way to suit everyone.

She ends up offering Marty a deal, which would still land him in prison, but for far less time. Libras are notorious for being peacekeepers and being fair people, and even though Maya is firm with things, she certainly does try to find a balance.

3Scorpio – Marty Byrde

Marty Byrde is effectively the main character of Ozark, and he is a very interesting character as well. He’s incredibly secretive, even with his wife and family, not often allowing people to know what his plans are. However, that is what makes him a Scorpio.

He is also a very jealous person though, which is a negative trait of a Scorpio and is something that Marty certainly suffers from when Wendy begins to get more power in the business. However, Marty is also incredibly smart and knows exactly what he is doing, which is one of his biggest strengths.

2Sagittarius – Darlene Snell

Darlene Snell is one of the most important characters within Ozark, and while on the surface, she might not seem like someone to worry about, Darlene is incredibly intelligent. She has built up her drug empire through honest hard work, and while she is happy to corrupt anyone she can, Darlene is very effective with her work.

She would be a Sagittarius simply due to how independent she is. Darlene kills her own husband, proving that nobody is off-limits in what she wants to do and that she is capable of doing everything on her own, which is very impressive.

1Capricorn – Roy Petty

Roy Petty is another character who is not part of Ozarkanymore, and a large reason he meets his end is because of the fact he is overly persistent. The FBI agent goes way past the line during his time in the area to try and catch out the Byrde family and arrest them.

Capricorns are well-known for being very persistent and ambitious, and that sums up Roy perfectly. He is also quite an emotional person who has several moments of major upset and anger, which follows another Capricorn trait of being sensitive people.



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