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Which Élite Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Élite  is a teenage drama series on Netflix, set in the fictional school of Las Encinas. It has become vastly popular over three seasons, with fans all over the world simply dying to see what new twists and turns emerge in Season 4. Élite deals with the complex interrelationships between students of varying class, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and does it through a thrilling narrative filled with equal doses of drama, passion, and murder.

Élite has been a hit with both critics and viewers alike, with many fan clubs for the characters springing up across Instagram and Tumblr. If you want to find out which character you are based on your Zodiac sign, then read on.

12Aries – Rebeca De Bormujo Ávalos

Rebeca was added to the cast of Élite only in Season 2, but she has already made quite the mark. A quintessential Aries, she is incredibly impulsive, as shown in her stormy love affair with Samu.

She simultaneously embodies a strong pride in her own social background. Rebeca makes friends easily but prefers the company of those without rich parents because since she really knows how difficult it is to be poor, they are easier to relate to.

11Taurus – Nadia Shanaa

Nadia is the most hardworking character on the show. Not only does she manage her father’s grocery store, but she still ranks on top of her class (beating even Lu). Her ambition is to become someone powerful, so she can finally give her parents the life they deserve.

Nadia’s parents are extremely strict, but her determination to find her true self often outweighs her fear of parental disapproval. All these characteristics are typical of a Taurus.

10Gemini – Cayetana Grajera Pando

Cayetana is sly, pretending to be rich when she is considerably poor; but her motivations are driven by shame, not greed or malice. Like all Gemini, she is skilled in the art of friendship as she is easily able to convince the whole school of her fake story and remain likable in the eyes of her fellow students.

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She is quite intelligent, considering that she can pull off such a dangerous stunt without anybody realizing it for the longest time. Cayetana’s most dangerous ability is her persuasiveness. She can convince people to do what she wants, even if they don’t actually want to.

9Cancer – Leopoldo ‘Polo’ Benavent Villada

As one of the central characters in Élite, Polo is a highly developed character. As a Cancer, he is a passionate lover, adept at getting what or whoever he wants, be it Carla, Christian, or Ander.

Even though he has committed a horrible crime, Polo shows a sense of loyalty to his friends (but not to most other people). He is also innovative, figuring out alternative ways to evade the suspicion of his friends and the police.

8Leo – Lucrecia ‘Lu’ Montesinos Hendrich

Lu demands center stage wherever she goes. She has the courage and vocal resilience to obtain her prize, even if it means blackmailing Nadia into tanking her exams for her.

Lu, like many Leos, can be dynamic and spirited, often making jokes to relax the mood. However, her appetite for power can impact her relationships with people she loves, as shown when she unintentionally pushes Guzmán away when he was mourning his sister’s death.

7Virgo – Yeray

Yeray is a new character, having only been introduced in Season 3. However, his humility and honesty make him a strong personality, especially when surrounded by his insecure peers.

His towering success, whether in combating his own weight issues or in constructing a million-dollar company, shows that he is a model Virgo. Yeray is both smart and diligent and refuses to stop working at something until it is perfectly finished.

6Libra – Samuel ‘Samu’ García Domínguez

Samu comes from a poor family, only attending Las Encinas through a scholarship designed for students in need. Due to this, he has a very down-to-earth nature and exhibits none of the symptoms of greed seen in several other characters.

His Libra nature helps him calm people down, as shown when he manages to help his brother, Nano, plan his future out logically. Samu also takes risks when he needs to protect his family, even if it means selling drugs; he understands the need of the hour and always takes the first step towards the solution.

5Scorpio – Guzmán Nunier Osuna

Guzmán is a sweet, generous person, displaying a powerful loyalty to his family, and especially his sister, Marina. However, after Marina’s death, the Scorpio in him brings out his aggressive and impulsive side, making him perform extreme acts.

For instance, when he violently attacks Samu; or when he kidnaps and tries to torture Polo. Guzmán can be very passionate as well, especially with people he is in love with (obviously, Nadia).

4Sagittarius – Omar Shanaa

Omar is a reserved individual, preferring to keep to himself most times. As a Sagittarius, he displays a high level of creativity, managing to find a job as a bartender with no prior experience.

Omar is open to everyone he cares about, especially Ander, and expects the same level of reciprocation. He is very trustworthy when it comes to relationships, happily choosing to share the details of his life with his boyfriend.

3Capricorn – Carla Rosón Caleruega

Capricorns are supremely intelligent, letting nothing get by them. Carla is extremely rich, but she knows the importance of money and how to use it well. Carla was involved in the plot to protect her father’s interests when getting the wristwatch back from Samu, a feat that could not have been accomplished by any other character.

She shows herself to be refined and polished, traits that help her produce an unbreakable image of power. However, she is not as ruthless as she appears, considering her crippling guilt at abetting her father’s crimes.

2Aquarius – Valerio Montesinos Rojas

Valerio, Lu’s half-brother, is introduced in Season 2 as a mysterious entity. He soon reveals his completely casual nature towards everything, preferring to do drugs rather than do well at school. Valerio is obviously Aquarius, given his refusal to get stressed out about anything (except for his love for Lu).




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