• April 14, 2021

The meaning of the phases of the moon for astrology & horoscopes

The moon is more than a lamp in the dark sky. Here you will learn the meaning of the individual phases of the moon in astrology.

You probably know someone who regularly complains about poor sleep during a full moon, or may even be affected. The effect of the moon with its different phases on the earth and on humans is no longer a myth. The phases of the moon are important in astrology and in the creation of horoscopes . Find out more here.

The four phases of the moon: The different phases have this meaning

The phases of the moon are divided into four different phases:

  • new moon
  • increasing Moon
  • full moon
  • waning moon

They arise from the different angles of the sun’s rays when circumnavigating the earth. Of course, the volume of the moon does not really change. The sun’s rays that hit the celestial body create an optical illusion and a supposedly changed appearance. Each moon phase lasts about a week. So the moon manages to circle the earth completely within one month (29.5 days to be exact).

The moon phases can develop this effect

The effect of the phases of the moon on the earth and therefore also on humans has not been scientifically proven. But the fact is that life on earth would not be possible without the moon, because it is the one that keeps the earth’s orbit in balance with the sun. So the energy of the moon cannot be discussed away.

Swiss researchers have nevertheless found that sleep is influenced by the full moon – it is 20 minutes shorter during this time. Affected people report restless sleep and wild dreams. The reason: the deep sleep phase is not quite reached at full moon, which is why many can better remember their wild dreams. People also dream on normal nights, but the memories do not come to the surface.

So if you remember your dreams, you may want to interpret them. Read more about the dream interpretation and the most common dream symbols.

The animal kingdom is also based on the four phases of the moon. For example, numerous birds go to their breeding ground during the first full moon in spring. It is therefore no wonder that people also feel influenced and base their everyday lives on the lunar calendar.


Significance of the moon phases in astrology and for the horoscope

In astrology , the moon symbolizes the field of emotions: the inner child, the soul, the mother-child relationship, the image of the mother, security, emotional reaction, care, imagination, empathy, but also hypersensitivity and tendency to melancholy. The respective position of the moon thus reflects the emotional world. The moon is said to have a physical effect on the stomach, fluid balance, lymph and menstruation.

The twelve zodiac signs also have a decisive influence in combination with the moon. Not only does it go through all the signs of the zodiac within four weeks , every zodiac sign also has a different meaning in the moon:

  • The moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn stands for patience and restraint.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius stands for originality and independence.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Pisces stands for longing and imagination.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Aries stands for dream and will.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Taurus stands for feeling and enjoyment.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Gemini stands for feeling and communication.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Cancer stands for feeling and family life.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Leo stands for visions and creativity.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Virgo stands for intellect and love of order.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Libra stands for harmony and love.
  • The moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio stands for feeling and commitment.
  • The moon in the Sagittarius sign represents feeling and freedom.

Those who believe in astrology should therefore pay more attention to the phases of the moon and their meaning in the future – if you don’t already do so anyway.


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