• April 13, 2021

Here This is How He’ll Break Your Heart Based on His Zodiac Sign

We’ve all probably been heartbroken at least once in our lives.

If you’ve been through this painful experience, you know that afterward you will feel totally drained and broken.

A broken heart is something I don’t want anyone, not even my worst enemy.

I’ve experienced it myself once and I never want to feel it again.

But have you ever wondered why your partner broke your heart?

Has it something to do with astrology or star constellations? Of course it has.

Astrologers figured out how a man will break your heart according to zodiac signs.

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If you want to know, read on.

1. Aries

This zodiac sign is very cruel when it comes to heartbreaking.

He’ll do it very quickly because he doesn’t want anything more to do with you.

He’s a hunter so he’s probably already found the next victim.

If you try to talk to him and try to sort things out, he will just ignore you.

If he has ended a relationship, he will never return.

2nd bull

The most important quality of a man with this sign is selfishness.

He won’t break your heart because he found someone new or because he is bored, but because he loves himself more than you.

Being in a relationship with him can be exhausting because he always cares about his own feelings and doesn’t care at all about yours.

So if he leaves you, consider yourself lucky.

Even if your heart is broken now, you saved yourself tears and a life with a fool.

3. Twins

Gemini are total opposites of the Aries heartbreaker.

He’ll do it slowly so that it hurts even more.

But in truth he is not entirely sure of his decision and he tries to get your feedback and to discuss a new beginning.

A Gemini will chase you with calls and messages and ask you 100 times if you are sure.

And even if he’s sad while you are together and he’s devastated about the breakup, he’ll never admit it publicly.

4. Cancer

This is the most emotional zodiac sign of all.

That is why it is very difficult for him to end a relationship.

He’s not good at these things and what is likely to make you saddest is seeing him devastated.

He’s going to be so sad that you want to give him your shoulder to cry on, which is hard since you’ve already decided to part.

If you break up with him, run as fast as you can, or you will have to see him lament his fate every day.

5. Leo

His love motto: ‘Fight fire with fire!’

That is, he jumps from one relationship to the next.

He likes to end relationships in front of a lot of people, so you can be sure that he will do this in front of your friends.

He just likes to be the center of attention, and ending a relationship like this will mean you did something wrong and he exploded.

But don’t be fooled, because you haven’t done anything wrong.

Your husband just wanted to end it this way so he could get on with the affair you didn’t know about.

6. Virgo

A man with this zodiac sign is so focused on his career that he begins to neglect you.

I know it is very important when men are workaholics, but there should always be time for work and time for loved ones.

So, unless you are his job, don’t expect him to pay you a lot of attention.

In the end, you will be the one to leave him because he could never give you the love and attention you need.

7. Libr

Libra doesn’t really want to break your heart, but they think too much and analyze things so that a relationship with them ends up messy.

He’s experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship.

If this goes on for a long time, it can be very exhausting.

But the good thing about Libra is that they’re always someone to count on, even after you end a relationship.

In the end, some people should just not be partners, but good friends.

8. Scorpi

When a Scorpio man breaks your heart, he gets pretty nasty.

He always hurts others with his words, including his loved ones.

So don’t be surprised if a Scorpio tells you you are worthless and that they can have any girl they want.

He really thinks it’s okay for him to flirt, but that you can only be devoted to him.

If you get rebellious he will just leave, but before that he will hurt you so much with his words that it will burst his heart into a thousand pieces.

9. Sagittarius

This zodiac sign is such a sneaky ass. Do you know what he’s doing

While enjoying a relationship with you, he will also look after other girls to see who might be a candidate for a next relationship.

If he breaks your heart and leaves you, you won’t see it coming.

He will leave with no explanation and he never thinks he’s doing anything wrong.

So you can assume that he will spend one night with you and go to bed with someone else the next.

He’s not doing you any good, and the term ‘bastard’ suits him well.

10. Capricorn

The worst thing about a Capricorn is that they probably haven’t gotten over their ex yet.

He only started a relationship with you because he doesn’t want to be alone.

He’s probably still thinking about her while he’s kissing you and that’s the worst way to break your heart.

So when you find that out, don’t let him get away with it so easily.

Make him pay for his sins so you can be satisfied and wide for someone who will treat you better than him.

11. Aquarius

This man is going to break your heart the old fashioned way – he’s going to cheat on you.

And for all your allegations, he’ll try to convince you that he’s not to blame.

Don’t forget that he’s a great gamer and he doesn’t really care about your feelings.

He just wants to have the best time of his life and if you want to be blind to his cheating you can be part of that journey.

I just hope you’re not crazy enough to let him do this to you.

In the end, he’s just a man and there are so many better options than him.

12. Fish

Such a man is going to feel so bad if he hurts you in any way, but the thing is, his emotions are way more important to him than yours.

Once you tell him that something is wrong with your relationship, he will leave you.

He just doesn’t want to waste his time fixing something that’s already broken.

So he’ll just go ahead and try to find a girl that he can easily fool.


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