• April 17, 2021

Game of Thrones: Which Lannister Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Lannister family are a diverse group of characters. Which one would you be, based on your zodiac sign?

Game of Thronesis one of those shows that has made its mark on the popular culture landscape in large part because of the absolutely riveting nature of its characters. They are drawn with such depth and realism that many viewers feel as if they actually know them, even if they often find their actions reprehensible, idiotic, or both.For those viewers who are wondering which character they would be, the zodiac can be a useful guide. Here are the Lannisters, and the sign that they best represent. 

12Aries – Myrcella

One of the key things about Aries is their sense of enthusiasm. Whatever task they undertake, they charge towards it head first. Myrcella often doesn’t get the attention that she deserves, since she becomes something of a pawn in the schemes of others.

However, she does take to the task of cementing an alliance with Dorne with alacrity, and she ends up falling in love with Trystane. Any Aries will understand.

11Taurus – Jaime

As the bull of the zodiac, Taurus can often be relied upon to be a stable influence on those that surround them. The Taurus in the audience will thus find much to love about Jaime, the twin brother of Cersei.

No matter what his sister does, she knows that she can count on Jaime to come to her rescue, to remain loyal to her when no one else will. It is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

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10Gemini – Cersei

Gemini is a notoriously unstable part of the zodiac, prone to going off on its own tangents and frequently unable to focus.

This, for better and often for worse, is a good description of Cersei, who frequently begins new plots and schemes before she has satisfactorily seen other ones to their proper conclusion. While frustrating for some viewers, the Gemini will no doubt find themselves relating to her plight.

9Cancer – Joanna

Joanna was one of those rare things: a Lannister who wasn’t a cruel, cutting, and merciless creature. In fact, it is made clear throughout the series that she was one of the key things, if not the only things, keeping the various personalities in the family together.

The sensitive Cancer will thus find it even more tragic that she died giving birth to Tyrion, thus creating the very enmity among her children and husband that she sought to prevent.

8Leo – Genna

Genna is another of those Lannisters who gets short-shrift in the television adaptation but, next to her brother, she seems to be the one with the most leonine spirit. Unlike both Jaime and Cersei, she combines ruthless competence with a fiery spirit.

Leos will find much to admire in her, particularly her ability to see the truth of matters, such as when she, alone among her family, seems to recognize Tyrion’s talent and his fundamental similarity to his father.

7Virgo – Kevan

There’s no question that Twyin is the most dominant personality of the Lannister family, largely overshadowing his brother Kevan.

However, Kevan ably steps into the breach after Tywin’s death and, in true Virgo fashion, quickly takes charge and manages to keep the kingdom running. Virgos will appreciate the fact that he has a keen eye for the details that so often elude other members of his family, most notably Cersei.

6Libra – Tommen

Given that one of the key traits of the Libra is the striving for balance, it makes sense that Tommen would exhibit these qualities.

From the moment that he takes Margaery as his wife, he has to try to find some sort of balance between his wife and her family on the one side and his mother on the other. The Libra will nod approvingly as Tommen tries to do this, even though they will probably be more than a little dismayed when his efforts utterly fall apart.

5Scorpio – Joffrey

Whether deserved or not, Scorpios have a reputation for being the cruelest sign of the zodiac, known for lashing out when they don’t get their way.

This is a perfect description of Joffrey, definitely one of the most malicious characters to have ever emerged from a fantasy series. He seems to take an inordinate amount of delight in tormenting everyone around him, so much so that even the most sinister Scorpio might find themselves a little repulsed.

4Sagittarius – Cersei

The Sagittarius is known for being a little…difficult. Prone to be more than a little bit reckless and unreliable, as well as a little cold, these are traits that aptly describe Cersei, both as she first appears and as she slowly loses her grip on the running of Westeros as the seasons progress.

Sagittarians in the audience will no doubt feel a bit smug when some of her allies realize just how slippery she really is.

3Capricorn – Tywin

As an earth sign, the Capricorn has a deserved reputation for being reliable and competent. Of all the Lannisters, Tywin is definitely the one that seems to have the firmest grip, both on his family and on the running of the kingdom. Before his death, he was actually poised to return Westeros to some form of stability.

Capricorns will thus feel more than a little disappointed that he is slain at the moment of his greatest triumph.

2Aquarius – Tyrion

From the beginning of the show, Tyrion established himself as a fan favorite. However, Aquarians probably found themselves drawn to him for a number of reasons.

Like any good Aquarius, he is incredibly intelligent, and this, coupled with his relentless idealism (he always wanted to believe the best of everyone, even those who didn’t deserve it), made him a rarity in a series that tended to focus on the more cynical parts of the human experience.

1Pisces – Lancel

Poor Lancel. He always seems to get the short end of the stick. Though a strikingly handsome young man, he seems to be a sucker for love, both for his cousin Cersei and, eventually, for the High Sparrow and his particular form of intense religious faith.




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