• April 14, 2021

Find Out These are The 5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Scorpio Based On Zodiac Sign

As the fall foliage hits its peak and temps drop a little more each day, we know one thing for sure (at least in NYC) – autumn is here, which means one other thing: it’s Scorpio season.

Say what you want about scorpios. Sure, they may be known for their intense and fiery nature, competitive edge or moodiness. But there’s a reason why Scorpios may make for some of the best friends and partners.

They’re fiercely loyal and expect the same from others
While scorpios aren’t quick to forfeit their trust or loyalty easily, once they do, you know they’re with you for the long haul. Though be careful not to take this for granted–-if double-crossed, the Scorpio can turn from being your best friend to your worst enemy.


They’re the stabilizers
Among the zodiac, there are three “qualities” that group signs together: cardinal, mutable and fixed signs. The four fixed signs of the zodiac—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius—are otherwise known as the “stabilizers” of the zodiac bunch.

If ever there’s a plan that needs execution, you can always count on Scorpio to get it done and get it done thoroughly. They’re the ones who set up a solid goal and immediately start working toward it. So, if you’re thinking of planning on a weekend getaway with your Scorpio friend, know that they’ll be the first to research travel arrangements, start crafting an itinerary and making a to-pack list.

They can read you like a book
The focused attention of a Scorpio should not be underestimated. They have senses like those of a hawk, no matter how hard you may try to hide your emotions and pretend nothing’s bothering you. Somehow, the Scorpio seems to know all your secrets, fears and worries; their maternal instinct is strong.

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They aren’t afraid to explore your deeper emotions
On that note, they won’t shy away from having tough conversations with you about things you may feel uncomfortable sharing with anyone else. Scorpios secretly yearn for true intimacy with others, and if they can explore those moments with you, it says a lot about the bond you both share.

Their passion will inspire you
While the Scorpio may seem reserved at first glance, get them talking about a topic of interest and you’ll see a fire that ignites from within. Scorpios can have such a deep passion for the topic they feel strongly about that their charisma may even pique your interest in it too.



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