• April 17, 2021

Find Out These 10 Traits With An Aquarius Moon Sign Based Zodiac Sign

Defining who you are deep down, the moon sign helps others understand your complex personality. Here are some traits shared by Aquarius moons.


If your moon sign is Aquarius, it means that the moon was traveling through Aquarius at the time of your birth. The eleventh sign in the traditional Zodiac, Aquarius is typically depicted as the water bearer. Contrary to this imagery, Aquarius is an air sign!

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Each element or planet in a birth chart controls and regulates a different element of a person. Whereas the sun sign is traditionally associated with personality and what kind of person someone is growing into, a moon sign is associated with the inner self—emotions and the person you already are. If you have your moon sign in Aquarius, you’ll recognize these traits in yourself!


Those with an Aquarius moon are inherently unique people. They are dedicated to being wholly and authentically themselves, even if it goes against the grain of what is traditionally considered “normal.”

Someone with an Aquarius moon will often feel that they don’t fit in with the crowd around them, but will not care at the same time. They are willing to take risks and try new experiences where others would hold back. People will often consider their friends with an Aquarius moon a refreshing break from the day-to-day.

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An Aquarius moon is infinitely welcoming. They are often sought out by outsiders and people on the fringes because they are so accepting. While sometimes seen as loners, they are caring and try to foster a community feeling in whatever group they find themselves in.

Natural humanitarians, Aquarian moons have the urge to help and include. They recognize that differences make people better and even more interesting. They seek to include everyone. They fight for equality whenever they can.


Aquarius is one of the least emotional signs. People with Aquarius moons struggle with empathy and dealing with deeper emotions.

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Although they would never change themselves, their commitment to being themselves can often leave them feeling like they are on the outside looking in. This is why they try to be a friend to all. A sense of emotional detachment does mean that people with an Aquarius moon are great in a crisis though.


On their worst days, people with a moon in Aquarius can be socially awkward. Their quirkiness may alienate people and bush boundaries too far for comfort.

A desire to help and care for the group is in constant struggle with a need to be alone and fend for themselves. These warring feelings can leave an Aquarian feeling out of place and unsure of themselves. Their detachment from emotion can also leave them unable to connect on a deeper level.


Aquarian moons like to deal with facts, with the things they can see and experience in real-time. Advice from someone with an Aquarius moon will always skew toward logical support, rather than emotional.

Their detachment from a situation allows them to consider opinions from all sides without being emotionally compromised. This is one of the traits that makes them such effective humanitarians. Cool, calm, and collected is the Aquarian moon motto.


Don’t try and hold down an Aquarian moon. Deeply committed to their individuality, people with an Aquarius moon need to be able to stake their claim in the world. Ruled by Uranus, they may experience many spontaneous changes in their lives.

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Aquarian moon finds emotional fulfillment in themselves. Staying true to their ideals and needs, pursuing their desires, and being unchangeable by the status quo are all linked to the interest need for independence and freedom found in people with an Aquarius moon.


Though they may not seem it at first glance, people with an Aquarius moon can be incredibly proud people. Though they hide it will, they can be sensitive to criticism, especially when it is regarding their character or ideas.

When faced with a challenge or idea they do not like, Aquarian will dig their heels in and stand behind their convictions. They expect to be accepted for exactly who they are and refuse to give in to anything or anyone who says otherwise!


Observant and logical, Aquarian moons are highly intellectual people. This, combined with their outside-the-box perspectives, makes them extremely innovative as well. They tend to deal in facts over emotions and can see the whole picture.

People with an Aquarius moon can get bored easily because they can process information very quickly. This helps them be strategic planners and very forward-thinking people.

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Spontaneous Uranus comes back out to play in the romantic relationships of Aquarian moons. People with an Aquarius moon may be sexually and romantically free and open. A tendency toward friends-with-benefits situations or open relationships is not uncommon.

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Their tendency towards emotional detachment can make it hard for them to fully commit to one partner. Aquarian moons need to set up a clear hierarchy regarding their emotional priorities.


Taking into account all the traits above, it should come as no surprise that Aquarians are unpredictable! With their desire for freedom and eccentricity warring with their emotional distance, it is never quite clear what an Aquarian moon will do.

Though very stubborn, if they are left to be themselves, they can provide an incredibly unique take on the world. People with an Aquarius moon provide a charming, refreshing, unpredictable presence to any group they find themselves in.


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