• June 22, 2021

Find Out These 10 Traits With A Capricorn Moon Sign Based Zodiac Sign

The moon signs describe inner emotions and who you really are behind closed doors. Here are Capricorn moon sign traits you may recognize.


Capricorn is the tenth (out of twelve) sign in the traditional Zodiac. If the moon was traveling through Capricorn during the time of your birth, Capricorn will be your moon’s ruling sign.

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Though most people are more familiar with their sun signs, the moon sign is just as important within the birth chart. Moon signs control the inner self—emotions and the person you already are. Traits connected to a moon sign manifest heavily when someone is alone or in a comfortable situation. These traits are commonly found in people who have Capricorn moons!


Those with their moon in Capricorn will feel an inward need to be the best they can be. They tend to hold traditional ideas of success and accomplishment. Capricorn moons will be drawn to highly engaging, leadership roles as well.

Their desire for success is what pushes Capricorn moons to work so hard. It can also make them seem conservative in their ideas of work and jobs. They measure ambition and success through traditional means such as money and promotions.

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9Hard Working

People with Capricorn moons are incredibly hard-working individuals. They value structure, organization, and efficient management—all traits of a good worker. They desire acknowledgment of their efforts and the respect of their peers which influences their work ethic.

Capricorn moons are very dependable as well. Their co-workers will see them as team players that they can rely on to get the job done quickly and accurately. Being seen as competent makes them feel valued.


If you have a Capricorn moon, emotional attachments likely do not come easily to you. It is easy for them to come off as reserved and distant but in reality that they are more likely to be self-conscious of their emotional attachments.

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Capricorn moons need time to get to know people before they can decide how they feel about them. They will seem distant until they know what level of investment they have in another person.


Responsibility will have been a life long theme for a Capricorn moon. Those with a Capricorn moon likely had to step into responsibility from a young age or were introduced to its importance by their parental figures.

People with a Capricorn moon will feel a sense of duty and need to take care of others and lead the way. They receive fulfillment from this and take on a sense of accomplishment when they are successful in their responsibilities.


Capricorn moons are very pragmatic, both emotionally and in the other areas of their lives. In terms of relationships, this can lead them to seem cold, when they are just making sure to protect themselves emotionally.

In work, it gives them an air of stability and reliability. People consider you to be consistent, strong, and dependable. They have a very pragmatic approach to life and will create realistic goals and boundaries for themselves.


Represented by the mountain goat, people born with a Capricorn moon are some of the most stubborn in the Zodiac. They hate losing control, so they will try and exert their overall situations, even if they are wrong.

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Capricorns can become frustrated when others do not show the same level of commitment they do, feeling they must take charge of all situations. It could do them good to let others carry the burden of responsibility with them sometime.

4Self Sufficient

Those born under a Capricorn moon can do it all…or at least they think they can! Capricorns value structure and control, preferring to create it for themselves rather than wait for it to happen naturally.

Capricorn moons strive to appear capable and calm in all situations. They will often take on more than their share of responsibilities to have the final say.


Capricorns are bedrocks of stability.  They can take on any task with ease and remain cool, calm, and collected as they do so. They are considered pillars of strength within the Zodiac.

This also makes them one of the most reliable signs. Most Capricorns are meticulous planners and like to map out their lives step by step. They enjoy structure, both living through it and crafting it. They’re even likely to have their childhood friendships last through life.


Those born with their moon signs in Capricorn are realists, not idealists. They prefer to work in facts, not emotions.

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Being naturally goal and action-oriented, they are go-getters of the Zodiac. That’s hard to do if you aren’t working toward something tangible or attainable. This mindset puts them to self-development, ensuring they have the skills they need to achieve their goals.


Capricorn moons are intense people. Being so goal-oriented and ambitious means that people with Capricorn moons will do what it takes to succeed.

Though they can come across as cold and distant at first, once they’ve had time to get to know someone they will pursue a relationship quiet intensely and are often hurt if those feelings are not returned on the same level.


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