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Find Out The Zodiac Signs Of Every Character In Friends

One of the biggest reasons for Friends’ mega-success is the iconic cast of six characters. Alongside a lot of growth and change, the six gang members have distinct personalities, all contributing to fans’ love or, in some cases, hate for them.

What this does is help pair the main gang with the various zodiac signs. Most of the six have varying birthdays and so different star signs, while also suiting different signs more than the ones their birthday falls in, and we look at both here, sorting them into what sign suits them best, compared to what their star sign is.

10RICHARD BURKE (Sagittarius)

Listed on the Friends wiki as December, 10th 1948, Dr. Richard Burke is both twenty-one years older than Monica, as well as a Sagittarius, even if it is never explicitly stated.

Richard fits into a couple of different star signs and is pretty hard to tie down to just one, with tendencies leaning towards both Taurus and Capricorn. But, Richard just manages to fit his own star sign; however, it is up for debate. He is smooth, cool, elegant, and both adventurous and generous in love, just like he is with Monica, as well as valuing intellect, reading, and freedom.


Despite his appearances, Gunther does not even get his second name mentioned throughout the show, with Central Perk being the best guess. Therefore it is no surprise Gunther’s birthday, and therefore star sign is unknown.

It is also fairly hard to place Gunther into a zodiac. He is comfortable like a Taurus; he is mysterious and lives in a dream world like a Pisces. Above all else, though, Gunther seems to be more of a Scorpio. He is immensely secretive/mysterious and is massively resentful towards Ross, and even other members of the gang that are not Rachel, as well as being hugely jealous.



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Friends’ wiki page lists Janice’s birthday as being December 12th, which lines up with the air date of season three, episode eight – November – when Chandler says her birthday is coming up. This, of course, makes Janice a Sagittarius.

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Janice fits pretty well with her star sign with curiosity and energy while also being loud and adventurous. But, more so than Sagittarius, Janice fits with the Gemini sign. She is extremely social, loud, and a little two-faced, and while she has a big personality, she is harmless and very different type of Gemini from another on this list.


The eventual husband of Phoebe and one of Friends’ best side characters, Mike Hannigan, was a big part of the show at the end but never had his birthday revealed.

However, Mike is a relatively easy person to place as he is clearly an Aries. Mike shows this in his actions as he quit law to fulfill his dream of being a pianist, he flew to Barbados to propose to Phoebe so not to lose her, he stands up to his parents and their friends, and that dreadful ping-pong game with Monica. Mike shows passion, creativity, competitiveness, and fire, and is a clear Aries.


Phoebe does have an official birthday as per her reveal to Frank Jr. that it falls on February 16th. In a later season, though, she celebrates her birthday early on October 31st, putting her birthday in November. This means Phoebe is officially an Aquarius but celebrates another birthday as a Scorpio.

Phoebe fits in perfectly as an Aquarius. She is both original and independent and has a lot of eccentric qualities. Phoebe is very emotional, driven primarily by it, and even though in later seasons she turns pretty nasty on occasion, she remains the perfect fit to Aquarius. Arguably she is the core member who fits so clearly into one single star sign, her own nonetheless.


Joey has a pretty awkward birthday in that it is never explicitly mentioned throughout the shows ten seasons. It is commonly agreed to be early January, though, primarily due to when “The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister” is set since it is Joey’s birthday party, making Joey a Capricorn.

Joey does not fit Capricorn. He is not organized, self-controlling, persistent, a workaholic, or that responsible. Joey has more Scorpio tendencies when talking about ambitious signs; this due to his passion or even a Taurus with his love of food and *, but ultimately Joey is more like a Leo. Warm, charismatic, and with so much charm it is almost unfair, a well as being generous and optimistic, Joey fits right in with the fire sign.

4MONICA GELLER (Aries/Virgo)

Monica is another character whos specific birthday never gets mentioned. However, going off when she says it in “The One With The Ick Factor” as being a month ago, and with the Friends wiki page listing it as April 22nd, Monica’s official zodiac sign is either a Taurus or Aries.

Monica is not a Taurus, she is stubborn, but that is all. Monica’s two most closely associated signs are her official sign, Aries, and Virgo. In terms of Virgo, she is an absolute perfectionist, and adores cleaning and control, getting anxious at the smallest detail going a miss. The Aries side of Monica points to her competitiveness, her need to be number one, to be the best, and her acceptance of all challenges to come her way. Both sides of her personality fit perfectly with two signs.


Chandler’s birthday only gets one vague mention in relation to Rachel’s birthday in May when she gets thrown a surprise party. She remarks Chandler’s birthday as being before hers (therefore a month or less between the party and the May birthday). This makes Chandler either an Aries or a Taurus.

Chandler does not fit with either of his potential signs, compared to the other zodiacs. He is not anything like an Aries, and even though he loves comfort and luxury, he is not a Taurus. Ultimately, Chandler fits best into Gemini. Hilarious and sarcastic, but deep down craves love and approval, and uses his humor to deflect from his deep-rooted feelings and insecurities. Could he be any more Gemini?


Rachel is someone whose birthday gets muddled in the continuity. She mentions she is an Aquarius to a police officer and celebrates her 30th birthday under that sign. However, more firmly stated and believed is that her birthday falls on May 5th, which aligns with other parties thrown for her, making Rachel a Taurus.

Rachel does not fit with the Aquarius, just look at Phoebe, who is the perfect Aquarius, and it is clear Rachel is not suited to that sign. Rachel is far more suited to her more accepted literal sign of Taurus, loving luxury, extravagance, and having an adoration for materialism, as well as having a sensual and romantic streak while also being stubborn on occasion. She also has Libra tendencies, but Rachel is more suited to the Taurus sign.

1ROSS GELLER (Capricorn)

Ross’s age and birthday is one big old mess in the continuity. Ross has a birthday in December according to one episode, whereas it falls on October 18th in another. There is another occasion where Ross’s birthday falls in late March due to a comment that his birthday was seven months before October 20th. This means Ross has one of four possible star signs; Libra, Sagittarius/Capricorn, or Pisces. The more common consensus is that Ross’s birthday is October 18th due to other evidence.

Ross is the hardest of the six friends to place as there is a little of each of those signs within his character. Ross does fit into one of his potential signs, though; Capricorn. He is persistent to a fault, ambitious, forward-thinking, with a tendency to be dramatic and moody. He’s also financially savvy, sensitive (touchy), and a realist; he is a scientist after all.




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