• April 13, 2021

Find Out the Type of Ex Girlfriend You Are According Your Zodiac Sign

How do you usually act after a breakup?

Are you pretending everything is alright?

Are you getting back together with your ex or do you break off contact completely?

Tell us your zodiac sign and we will tell you exactly what kind of ex-girlfriend you are.



Your exes never appreciated you or your worth while you were with them.

However, when they saw that you were gone forever, they suddenly realized how extraordinary and unique you are.

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Of course, when that happens, they start to regret losing you, but by then it’s too late to get you back.



If you belong to this zodiac sign, you don’t like giving second chances.

Once you’re done with a guy, you have no plans to ever come back to him.

The good thing about you is that you really know what it means to cut all connections.



Gemini are the exact opposite of Taurus.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been trapped in endless circles of breaking up and making up with the same guy.

You just don’t know how to end it, and the worst part is that this in and out of what you have after every relationship is actually more damaging to your heart than the actual breakup.



When it comes to this zodiac sign, you are one of those people who can never get through a breakup easily.

Your heart will be torn to pieces and it will feel like your life is about to come to an end.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re the person who would ever beg your ex to come back.



The last thing you would ever let your ex see your pain.

Instead, you gracefully accept your grief with dignity and pride.

Even if you fell apart inside, no one could notice your grief.



If you belong to this zodiac sign, you are without a doubt the obsessed ex-girlfriend.

You don’t necessarily call your ex all the time, but you definitely put a lot of your time and energy into stalking.

It’s not that you want him back – you just have an uncontrollable urge to know as much about him as you can because you think that knowledge will give you some kind of control.



You’re a girl who pretends to want to be friends with her ex.

Even if he hurts you and tears your heart to pieces, pretend nothing happened and do your best to act like an adult.

Yes, this is an adult course of action, but remember that you are under no obligation to be on friendly terms with someone who has harmed you.



Scorpios are the queens of vengeance.

You don’t mean to just let this guy get away with everything he’s done to you.

Instead, you want revenge, but what you don’t see is that this desire for revenge only hurts you and nobody else.



If you belong to this zodiac sign, you usually have the strength to leave the past in the past.

You block your ex’s number and unfollow him on all social networks.

This guy has no more place in your life and he certainly doesn’t deserve one in your head.



After the initial shock and grief, you force yourself to look at it from a more optimistic perspective.

You know you would never lose the man who was meant to be yours, so you accept everything that happened.

Instead of looking at your breakup as the end of the world, you start to see it as the best that could ever happen to you and you look for ways to use it to your advantage.



Although you don’t see it at first, after a while you start to enjoy your breakup.

You have all of your space and time in your hands again, and you see it as an opportunity to work on your self-improvement, knowing that there is no better vengeance.



You’re the kind of ex-girlfriend who has a hard time getting over a breakup.

What is even worse, however, is you are literally putting your life on hold, patiently waiting for your ex to crawl back, even though you know he has moved on successfully.

Never losing hope is one thing, but having unrealistic expectations is another entirely.


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