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Find Out The Netflix Comedy Series To Binge According Your Zodiac Sign

In case you’re having difficulties deciding on a Netflix comedy show to binge, we’re here to offer all twelve zodiac signs the best choices for them!

You don’t have to wait weeks or months to watch your sitcoms and comedy series on TV anymore. With Netflix, you have your shows right where you want them, with these being ready for viewing at any time. This does bring in the dilemma of which show to watch, though.RELATED: Netflix: 15 Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving In July 2019An easy solution here is for you to watch a funny series based on our personality, and zodiac signs are a good way to separate the personality traits and choose your watch. In case you’re having difficulties, we’re here to offer all twelve personalities their best choices based on their zodiacs. 

12Aries –  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The trademark of people from the Aries zodiac sign is their independence and passion for something new. This easily places them in the world of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The show has the protagonist as a fiery young woman who literally steps out into a new world.

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Having been held captive for fifteen years, Kimmy Schmidt is confident in finding a place for herself in the modern world as an independent person who doesn’t want to be seen as a victim. The show features good-natured comedy in Kimmy, who doesn’t act like someone kidnapped for over a decade, and her chirpiness places her in hilarious situations.

11Taurus – GLOW

Strong, resolute and bullish to the core, Taurus personality types look out for people while having a sense of loyalty toward those closest to them. Their wills are generally stronger than other people, making them a tough personality to match.

What better show for a Taurus to get their relatable laughter from than GLOW? The show has an ensemble cast of ladies involved in the independent wrestling circuit, where their mishaps in adjusting to the uneven world of female wrestling form the crux of the story and the jokes.

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10Gemini – Grace And Frankie

Gemini people are known for having twin sort of personalities, and you need to have both of these in conjunction to have a full viewing experience. Enter Grace and Frankie, which has two women who couldn’t be farther in personalities to one another.

The premise involves these women being left by their husbands, who realize they’re gay late in life. Having been abandoned by their spouses, Grace and Frankie now live together and attempt (with hilarious results) to co-exist. For the regular Gemini, you can have the best of both worlds, as Grace and Frankie offer two different perspectives within the same show.

9Cancer – Fuller House

These folks are generally known as people who are more guarded and tend to treat people around them in a rather offhanded way. At their core, though, Cancer personalities do love their family and friends, which makes Fuller House the best option for them.

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Watching this show will revitalize the sense of love you have for your closest ones and make you appreciate them. The plot continues from Full House, where a grown-up DJ Tanner now finds herself as a widow with three kids to tend to. Joining her are her sister and best friend, both of whom have several problems of their own.

8Leo – Master Of None

Aziz Ansari in Master of None

Leos are known for their ambition and bravery, with a particular taste for grandeur. These kinds of people tend to go through phases where they want to find themselves in terms of who they really are and what they want.

For a relatable viewing experience, you have Master of None, which follows a man in his thirties as he navigates in life over professional cultural aspirations. The funny part comes when the protagonist places himself in situations he’s not comfortable in so as to figure out what he’s supposed to do.

7Virgo – Maniac

Virgos are known for being unflinchingly helpful, with these people looking to provide helping hands wherever they can and also having a soft and nurturing side. These kinds of people also look to be met with kind sentiment, and Maniac shows us two individuals desperately in need of similar experiences.

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The plot follows young people in a pharmaceutical trial as they look to overcome their deep-seated mental issues. At its heart, though, it’s a very touching story about self-worth and friendship, with the protagonists’ lack of social skills providing the laughs among the drama.

6Libra – Wet Hot American Summer

Libra personalities are people who just can’t be by themselves. These guys need friends around them on a constant basis, with their ambitions revolving around new and adventurous experiences with large groups. If you’re a Libra looking for some laughs along with adventure, then dive into Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

It’s a ridiculous story that serves as a parody of teen party films, featuring actors who are clearly in their forties and fifties in an ensemble setting. It’s still tightly wrapped in frequent laughs, and you’ll want to rally your buddies up to binge this series.

5Scorpio – Sex Education

People falling under this zodiac sign tend to be egoistic, with a penchant for seduction. They’re highly emotional, but manage to gather around a number of admirers due to their enchanting charm. If you’re an older Netflix viewer, then Sex Education is the show for you.


Sure, it’s pretty provocative in a lot of places, but it will provide you with a reflection of how Scorpios can control an environment. The show does have dramatic qualities, although it reaches in for the comedic bits by having an out-of-place protagonist in a particularly raunchy premise.

4Sagittarius – W/Bob & David

Sagittarius personalities are wracked with wanderlust; they crave to be out and about and explore new settings and sights. As far as comedy goes, these personalities are best suited to the types of shows that can surprise them at any time, and w/Bob & David is just that kind of show.

It’s a sketch comedy series that is carried by its redoubtable comedy heavyweights. You don’t need to sink your teeth in too long for this show, either, as its fast pace will entertain you until the next sketch starts.

3Capricorn – The Kominsky Method

If you have a Capricorn in your life, you’ll be aware of how workaholic these people are. They strive the most for success, with many sacrifices even made at the expense of their work-life balance. In order for you Capricorns to see where constant work takes you, follow on over to The Komisnky Method.

The show features an aged actor who was a one-time success and is now looking to replicate that success late in life. It’s a surprisingly heartwarming story that shows you the consequences of all work and no play, with a great cast to round it up.

2Aquarius – Friends From College

People born under the Aquarius sign are known to be stubborn, yet work best in teams of like-minded individuals. These people like to keep similar friends around them, but want to have things their way.


Friends From College seems to be prepared just right for the Aquarius mentality, featuring a cast of characters whose intertwining lives in the forties take shape. The frequent mishaps and unfortunate incidents are used as the source for comedy, although there’s a lot of dramatic flair in here as well.

1Pisces – Santa Clarita Diet

Emotional, imaginative, and creative, the average Pisces isn’t easily impressed in a by-the-numbers series and looks to have something out of the box. Santa Clarita Diet is as different a comedy show you’ll find, with the show simultaneously being a horror program.

It’s funnier than anything else, though, as the black comedy is in the form of the main character being a zombie with an appetite for human flesh. The constant attempts by the protagonist and her husband to find ways to quench her bloodthirst is funnier than you’d imagine and definitely very creative.


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