• June 22, 2021

5 Period Drama Cancers You Will Love (& 5 You’ll Hate)

What period dramas should a Cancer watch? When it comes to the zodiac, Cancers are all about period dramas. But that doesn’t mean they’re all hits.

With other movie genres, you might not be sure what those born under the sign of Cancer will like. The period drama genre, however, is something that every Cancer can get behind. In fact, period dramas might have been made for the Cancer. Romance, history, immersive sets, and detailed stories make up the period drama movie and the sentimental, detail-obsessed crustacean can’t get enough of them.That doesn’t mean that Cancer likes everything that falls under this category. Remember, this is our moody and wavering sign with nary a constant focus, so to say that Cancer likes everything under the period drama banner would be wrong. A few of the entries on this list may surprise you. Here are some ideas for period dramas that Cancer will love, along with a few that they will hate. 

10Love – Raiders Of The Lost Ark

What, you didn’t know there was a riveting 1930s period drama hiding under this classic adventure film? The famous Dr. Jones was uncovering ancient mysteries and fighting Nazis before it was cool, and immersion in this time period is what contributes to the status Raiders of the Lost Arkas a fan and critic favorite.

That’s why it’s so good as a period drama for a Cancer. The clothing, architecture, transportation, weapons, even educational facilities are from this specific time period, giving this adventure another dimension.

9Hate – Dangerous Liaisons

Other than the costumes, a Cancer won’t be interested in this movie. In fact, the costumes aren’t even that good. Dangerous Liaisonslooks less like a movie and more like a fancy dress party that your friend put on as a joke.

“Who shot the couch?” Cancer will quip upon seeing these duds, which look unrealistic on the uninterested actors. There’s no adventure here past the romantic relationships, which doesn’t help, and there’s virtually no chemistry here between certain couples. Cancers will yawn all the way through it.

8Love – Valmont

This is a story that takes place in 17th century France and revolves around the illicit and occasionally reckless affairs of the bored upper class. Our last selection was the same, and that means almost exactly the same. Valmont is about the same characters and has almost the same storyline as Dangerous Liaisons, just in a different movie. So, how can Valmont be so different?

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In this case, it’s the more well-rounded characters with believable relationships and a tweaked storyline with a daring ending, which may have upset test audiences but was a hit with critics and Cancers alike. Its scenes are more varied, taking place outdoors or in public venues, and are often more visceral and shocking, reflecting an authenticity of the time that a Cancer would appreciate.

7Hate – A Room With A View

Here’s a situation where a Cancer hasn’t seen the movie but can already tell you the whole plot. They know all about it because they pay attention to details, including previews, publicity, and what other people have said about this overexposed period drama.

Cancers like surprises and adventure and will appreciate the romantic Italian setting, but there’s not much here to make up for the lack of anything really creative.

6Love – Lust, Caution

Gorgeous clothes, amazing interpersonal drama, all told in a time and place that has been relatively forgotten in western cinema. Cancers love creativity, so before Medieval Europe or wartime Europe sucks all of the historical air out of the room, check out Lust, Caution, and learn something about war and espionage in 20th century China.

The music is also deeply moving, relying on tragic piano and violin notes. The costuming in this movie is breathtaking, especially the jewelry, which Cancer will notice immediately.

5Hate – Agora

Maybe hate is the wrong word, as Cancers will be riveted by this movie for a while before turning against it. A Cancer will empathize with a strong and honest woman who is set up against an entity more powerful than herself.

The search for justice doesn’t always end well, and that’s not what our stubborn crustacean wants to hear, no matter how wise it is. By the time this movie is over, Cancers might have thrown something at the screen and burst into tears more than once.

4Love – A Little Princess

The sets in this movie never quit, and you always know you’re in post-WWI London when you watch The Little Princess. 

There a lot here for a Cancer to like here, starting with the tragic backstory and the exotic references to faraway lands. Family-oriented Cancers will be moved deeply by the portrayal of the grief that war creates on the homefront and the lost families that are put back together again.

3Hate – The Duellists

Unless the Cancer in your life is a Ridley Scott fan and appreciates this director’s kind of detail when it comes to cinematography and sets, this is a miss.

It would be in a Cancer’s nature to elevate a silly misunderstanding into a lifelong fight to the death, but that’s exactly why the crab doesn’t enjoy The Duellists. It’s too much like real life and the Cancer prefers fantasy to reality.

2Love – Highlander

Speaking of fantasy, how about an immortal swordfighter? Here’s another period drama that flew under your radar. Indeed, Highlanderis a period drama and we’re not just talking about the medieval scenes. The early 1980s was also an iconic time. This movie opens with a professional wrestling match, after all, cementing its status as a period film from the late 20th century.

Cancers love the fantasy angle in this movie. As was already discussed, swashbuckling isn’t enough. They have to be immortal warriors fighting against a shameless, ancient evil to keep Cancer interested. Just don’t mention the sequels.

1Hate – Marie Antoinette

The French angle is different, and the sets and costumes are unique, but what’s the story here? Some palace intrigue, some fancy dinners, and then what?

Some zodiac signs don’t really mind if you already know how a story ends, but it’s one of Cancer’s pet peeves. Our crabby friend likes surprises – although preferably pleasant ones – and happy endings. We know from the title that’s not going to happen here, and so does Cancer, which is why they won’t waste their time.




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