• April 17, 2021

Why Do Full Moons Bring SO Many Feels?

If we start to track our major life milestones—breakups, new jobs, marriages, having children—a pattern emerges. Full moons in particular are often when some of our most emotional and dramatic events unfold. (They’re essentially the astrological version of the Real Housewives cast.) Shifts, changes, and transformations in our lives correlate directly with the lunar cycle and what’s happening up above us in the sky.

But why do full moons have such an intense hold over us? Let’s take a deeper look at what makes full moons so powerful.


Why Full Moons Make Us So Emotional 

Plain and simple: The moon rules our emotions, and when it’s full, it’s at maximum capacity. Our feeling sector is on overdrive and our triggers and sensitivities are heightened.

If you think about it, it does make sense. As astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle, our bodies do consist of 50 to 70 percent water… and the moon does have magnetic pull over tides. Should it not stand to reason that it should cause energetic shifts within us as well?

In astrology, the full moon portion of the lunar cycle is when the sky is illuminated the most. It’s a cosmic spotlight—highlighting areas we’ve been unable to see, or have overlooked. So, it would make sense that some drama would accompany this lunar event. Our previous ways of thinking and feeling are now challenged and unknown truths are now exposed. It’s up to us (and how the other planets are aspecting the full moon in the sky) how we receive and react to that new information.

The light of the full moon can also illuminate our “shadow” side. Shadow work is incredibly tough, painful, and energetically draining. We aren’t able to hide from our shadow self under the full moon’s light. The behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and patterns we wish we could keep shoved away deep down are bound to surface. We’re triggered easily and more sensitive in general.


The Cons of Full Moon Emotions

When the moon is full, it is on the exact opposite side of the earth from the sun. The sun, which represents our outer self and personality, and the moon, which rules over our emotional state, are in stark contrast. These two opposing energies can encourage drama, encouraging different perspectives, which in turn can cause confusion, or aggression and hostility to surface.

Feeling more than just a little emotional isn’t the only affect a full moon could have; it can have physical affects as well. Because this phase tends to create energy, many people are unable to sleep during a full moon cycle. This could be highlighted even more if the full moon is also taking place in an energetic zodiac sign, like June 17’s Sagittarius full moon for example.

The Pros of Full Moon Emotions

One of the many endless splendors of the full moon is that it marks a period of competition and the end of a cycle. It’s the perfect time to release behaviors and patterns that no longer serve your highest good. It’s a time for forgiveness and letting go. And endings also bring fresh starts. You’re able to simply transform yourself and your attitude under these moonbeams.

Another quality of our favorite monthly astrological affair? Creating energy. People describe feeling frantic, energized, and inspired.

Overall, full moons serve a bevy of underlying fundamental needs for all people: The ability to confront, release, reflect, feel, move on, and start fresh.

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