• April 13, 2021

Which One Of The Super Natural Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The CW’s Supernatural has been entertaining fans for over fifteen years and in that time we have been introduced to a variety of unique, complex, and memorable characters. Some were evil, some were funny and some stole our hearts from their very first scene.

As the show is coming to an end, it is worth having a look at how fans can best relate to those characters. Therefore, we have put together a list of the Zodiac signs with their corresponding Supernatural character.

12Aquarius – Dean Winchester

Everybody loves to be around an Aquarius and Dean Winchester is definitely not an exception to this. Like many Aquarius, the eldest Winchester is known for having a  powerful, and bright energy that makes him a friend to so many.

Intelligent and deeply protective of his family, Dean sometimes becomes overtaken by the darker Aquarius traits. He often struggles to express his emotions and can be very temperamental which makes him seem cold and uncaring to those closest to him.

11Pisces – Mary Winchester

Pisces is often considered to be the most empathetic of all the signs and Mary Winchester, through all her trials and difficulties has never once lost her compassion. Selfless, bright and wise, Mary perfectly illustrates the best Pisces has to offer.

Unfortunately, like many Pisces, the Winchester matriarch is sensitive and can get emotionally overwhelmed. Therefore, it is easy to see why Mary had such a hard time fitting into her new life when she was brought back by Amara.

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10Aries – Lucifer

One of the fire signs, Aries are well-known for their volatility, impatience, and aggression, and the original Prince of Darkness perfectly embodies the Aries personality.

Deceivingly intelligent and creative, Aries are often known as powerful leaders who are bolstered by their unwavering sense of confidence in themselves and their beliefs. Therefore, it is easy to see why Lucifer was such a formidable enemy.

9Taurus – Sam Winchester

The very reliable and devoted Sam Winchester is a perfect example of a Taurus personality. Practical and grounded, the younger Winchester always uses his brains to get out of the most tricky situations.

However, like all Taurus personalities, Sam also has a mean stubborn streak and rarely backs down from any challenges. Unfortunately for Sam, this force of will power can sometimes lead to terrible decisions like getting addicted to demon blood.

8Gemini – Gabriel

Gemini’s are often some of the most fun people to be around, therefore it is easy to see why the energetic, sarcastic, and witty Archangel Gabriel makes for an excellent Gemini. Using his adaptability and smarts, Gabriel was able to stay hidden from his fellow angels for centuries.

Like most Gemini’s, Gabriel had a complex dual personality where he was both the childish, manipulating trickster, and the sensitive soul who had to flee from his consistently bickering family.

7Cancer – Amara

At the heart of the Cancer personality is loyalty and family. Now, at first glance, the emotional and violent Amara may not seem to make the cut, but it was due to her unwavering loyalty for her brother that she felt so betrayed when he sealed her away in the Mark of Cain.

Therefore, it is clear why at first Amara was so resentful and vindictive. Yet, in the latest season, Amara has clearly shown significant growth and has started to embody many positive Cancer traits like intuitiveness and creativity.

6Leo – Chuck

Represented by the mighty Lion, Leo’s are often considered to be the ultimate rulers. Therefore, it is easy to see why God himself would be one. Creative and passionate, Chuck seeks only to be admired and to be treated as the powerful being that he is.

Sadly, Chuck also represents the worst of Leo’s have to offer – stubbornness, arrogance, and egomania. As he is currently destroying all the universes that he once loved so much, it is clear which side of Leo has taken over.

5Virgo – Castiel

Virgo’s often feel most at peace when they are serving others. Castiel, the angel who consistently sacrifices himself for humanity makes for an excellent Virgo. Calm, practical, and analytical, Virgo’s are always the first people run to when in need.

Like many Virgo’s, Castiel is also a perfectionist who is very critical of his past mistakes. Therefore, the angel is still deeply troubled by his many betrayals of the Winchesters, the fall of the Angels, and Mary’s death.

4Libra – Crowley

The Libra sign is all about understanding the beauty of making a good deal and no character better understood that like the former King of the Crossroads, Crowley.

Like many Libra’s, Crowley was known for his cunning wit, charm, and charisma which he used along with his diplomatic skills to wiggle his way out of any situation. Unfortunately, Crowley also had a penchant for self-indulgence and vanity which often made him an unreliable ally.

3Scorpio – Rowena Macleod

Scorpio’s are well-known for their mysterious nature and none have been as legendary as the centuries-old witch Rowena. Ambitious, determined, yet vindictive, Rowena was once one of the Winchester’s biggest headaches.

Yet, like most Scorpio’s Rowena’s trust and loyalty, although hard to earn, was strong and lasting. Therefore, it was no surprise that she sacrificed herself to save the Winchester’s and the world.

2Sagittarius – Claire Novak

Often associated with the traveler’s spirit, Sagittarius is often considered to be the most independent of all the signs. Claire, like many other Sagittarius, cannot be kept in one place for too long, and she is at her best when she is hunting and traveling across the country.

Although determined, generous, and sarcastic, Claire is also blunt, impatient, and reckless, which sometimes makes her seem uncaring and causes tension with those she loves the most.

1Capricorn – Michael

Capricorns are best known for their sense of responsibility and duty, and no other character better represents this than the oldest of the Archangels, Michael. Highly intelligent and disciplined it is easy to see why he became the leader of the Host of Heaven when Chuck left.

Like many Capricorns, Michael was well-known for his love of family and tradition which sadly made him unwavering in his quest to bring about the Apocalypse.




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