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Which One Of The Money Heist Character Suits You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Money Heist has had considerable influence over fans with its story and characters. Here are the characters and their matching zodiac sign.

Money Heist has some of the most convoluted robberies ever displayed on television. Originally produced by Antena, a Spanish network, this show was later given new life by Netflix (along with a considerably higher budget). Money Heist has been so influential worldwide that it has led to unwanted outcomes in some cases.For instance, several actual robberies have taken place using the Dali masks and red jumpsuits worn by the characters. In another case, hacker fans removed the song “Despacito” from YouTube and replaced it with a picture of the show. Considering the impact of Money Heist, we have prepared a list of each character according to their Zodiac signs. Find out which character you match with! 

12Aries: The Professor (Sergio Marquina)

Without question, there is nobody else in the show with the leadership skills of the man known as The Professor. He is a genius tactician who, like most Aries, plans the future of any action with deliberate strategies.

He possesses immense determination, whether it is knowing how to stick to the plan or how to save one of their captured comrades. The Professor is also brave, considering he managed to acquire a team composed of some of the toughest criminals in the world.

11Taurus: Lisbon (Raquel Murillo)

One of the later additions to the show, Lisbon was initially a member of the police in charge of negotiations. During the discussions, she encounters The Professor, who convinces her to join his group.

As a Taurus, Lisbon is incredibly tough and is able to survive and thrive in a world dominated by men. As someone who was abused by her husband, Lisbon is resilient in matters both of the heart and the mind. This allows her to exert her own power without having to fight for it.

10Gemini: Denver (Daniel Ramos)

Denver is one of the core group members. He exhibits several Gemini traits such as his intellect and his limitless energy. He occasionally does display a measure of brashness, as shown by his short temper during the Royal Mint of Spain heist.

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However, he can also be tender, as shown when he decides to save one of the hostages rather than kill her as ordered. This dual nature of his is why we think he is certainly a Gemini.

9Cancer: Berlin (Andrés De Fonollosa)

The Cancer sign shines brightly over Berlin. He demonstrates his psychopathic nature by the use of artificial charisma, while simultaneously executing a pregnant lady without a second thought.

Berlin is innovative as well, playing tortuous games with his innocent victims with a casual nonchalance. Given all of his negative traits, he is still very loyal to the crew, doing everything in his power to protect his friends, as we see in the final episode of Season 2.

8Leo – Nairobi (Ágata Jiménez)

Nairobi is a character teeming with dynamism and motivation. Her Leo instincts allow her to speak her mind clearly and vociferously, especially if she is certain of her opinions. Nairobi is also intelligent, as she could easily figure out a secret love affair between a member of her crew and one of the Royal Mint hostages.

She is one of the few characters with compassion for those in trouble; she never backs down from a fight when it comes to protecting those weaker than her.

7Virgo – Helsinki (Mirko Dragić)

Helsinki is a Serbian immigrant who has had a tough life for the most part. Being a Virgo, he tends to be hardworking and intelligent, both of which come in handy when combined with his sheer physical strength. He can be harsh; for instance, when he physically assaults Rio along with his cousin Oslo.

Nevertheless, Helsinki does have a warm heart under his rugged exterior. We see this during the scene in which Oslo is dying after being attacked by the hostages with a crowbar. Helsinki takes the initiative and ends Oslo’s life in order to end his suffering.

6Libra – Stockholm (Mónica Gaztambide)

Stockholm was first introduced to us as a hostage at the Royal Mint, where she was the secretary to the Director. She is a kind person; able to keep the people around her in a cheery mood no matter the circumstances. Her empathetic nature is typical of a Libra and has allowed her to get close to Denver, who fell in love with her and consequently saved her life.

She also takes dangerous risks, such as eloping with Denver after the first robbery, even though she knew what would happen if she got caught. Stockholm brims with courage, as we can see when she comes back to join the heist crew as a new member.

5Scorpio – Tokyo (Silene Oliveira)

Tokyo is the definition of a Scorpio. She has an intense character and is often unable to manage her own explosive anger. Tokyo often gets into arguments with her crew members, including her ex-boyfriend, Rio. She refuses to be intimidated, even by the group leader, Berlin.

At one point, Berlin punishes her for her disobedience by strapping her to a trolley and sending her out of the building, which leads to her getting arrested. Tokyo is also passionate and sensual; she is easily able to play on men’s attraction for her body if she has to.

4Sagittarius – Rio (Aníbal Cortés)

Rio is the most childish one of the crew, being one of the youngest. He is a true Sagittarius, preferring the company of his own genius mind to come up with creative solutions to the crew’s problems. Rio is patently honest and trusting, accepting any statement that is offered to him as the truth.

While this has led him into trouble on several occasions, his innocence is a refreshing change for the hardened members of the crew, some of whom consider him a son.

3Capricorn – Palermo (Martín Berrote)

Palermo is a later addition to the group, brought in by The Professor for the Bank of Spain heist. Capricorns like him are incredibly sharp; he could make observations about the heist plan and layout that the other members never realized. Palermo can, sometimes, be egotistical and vain, but shows his soft side when he and Berlin exchange a kiss in Season 4.

However, Berlin rejects him, causing him immense heartbreak. Due to this, his command during the heist at the Bank of Spain was filled with tension, forcing the Professor to put Tokyo in command instead.

2Aquarius – Bogotá (Unknown)

Bogotá is a mysterious character, with very little backstory revealed about him as of yet. As is expected from an Aquarius, he boasts of a high level of artistic talent in his field: welding.

His creativity and resilience to stress allow him to perform complex feats such as performing his job underwater without the aid of any sort of breathing apparatus. Bogotá is also very gentle and loving, as we can see throughout his relationship with Nairobi.

1Pisces – Moscow (Agustín Ramos)

Moscow is Denver’s father and cares deeply about him. He displays several features of Pisces, such as his candor and his ability to take life lightly, as we see in his ambition to record and release a song he had written. Moscow is non-judgemental and is always willing to listen, which is why he plays a paternal role for Tokyo and Rio in addition to his son.

However, he can be vocal about his opinions, especially when he finds people around him behaving in a cruel manner, like when he tells Tokyo to be nicer to people, especially those closest to her.




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