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Which Of The James Bond Girl Suits You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It wouldn’t be a Bond film without a Bond girl. If you’ve ever wondered which one most resembled your personality, why not consult your zodiac sign?

James Bond is hands down the best spy in the British Secret Service, also known as MI6. He was created by author Ian Fleming, and has been widely adapted for films, TV, comics, and even video games. One universal feature in all the Bond stories, however, is the presence of a so-called Bond girl.These women are placed as partners, allies, or enemies of James Bond, but in almost every case they serve as one of his potential lovers. Many famous actresses have played this role, such as Grace Jones, Halle Berry, Diana Rigg, Eva Green, and most recently, Monica Bellucci. Ever wonder which of these big screen bombshells most resembles your personality? Well, we have prepared a list of popular Bond girls, each according to their Zodiac signs. Enjoy! 

12Aries – Pussy Galore

Ms. Galore was introduced to us in Goldfinger (1964), as the pilot of the villain, Auric Goldfinger. A typical Aries, she displays a great number of leadership qualities, considering that she is the captain of an all-women flying squad known as Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus. Ms. Galore is strong-willed, given her ability to lead an operation to break into the highly protected Fort Knox and spread nerve gas to kill thousands of people during “Operation Grand Slam.” She can also be a tad careless, as shown in her Judo fight with Bond, where she clearly allows him to get the upper hand.

11Taurus – Octopussy (Octavia Charlotte Smythe)

Octavia is a smuggler, mostly of jewelry and other precious objects, which she sells for enough money to live a wealthy and comfortable life. She appears in the only Bond movie named after a Bond girl, Octopussy (1983). The Taurus sign blesses her with an incredible amount of guts, given that she casually keeps the highly venomous Blue-ringed octopus as a pet. As a jewel thief, she has a tactical mind, able to switch between her stolen goods while using her traveling circus as a strategic front. Octavia can also be very tough, as shown when she easily recovers after being knocked out by Govinda, one of the henchmen.

10Gemini – Elektra King

Elektra King is one of the few Bond girls who happens to be both his lover and the antagonist. In typical Gemini fashion she handles two opposing roles with ease. In The World Is Not Enough (1999), she garners Bond’s affection in order to divert any suspicions regarding her plans to destroy an oil pipeline. She is shrouded in mystery, given her penchant for playing her role to perfection (such as when she pretends to be kidnapped, cutting off part of her earlobe to send to her family in exchange for a ransom). Elektra is clearly intelligent, considering that she managed to successfully abduct M, the head of MI6.

9Cancer – Jinx

Jinx appears as an agent for the National Security Agency in Die Another Day (2002). As a Cancer, Jinx is intelligent to the point of being psychic, as shown when she realizes that Graves was actually one of her own earlier enemies, a North Korean Colonel named Moon Tan-Sun. She displays a high level of loyalty to Bond, given her trust in his ability to save her life (twice). She is also quick to recover in a fight; we see this in the sword battle between her and Frost, a double-agent working for North Korea.

8Leo – Sévérine

Sévérine is a prototypical Leo; she is very hard-working, especially when it comes to protecting her shady past. While she seems like an antagonist in the beginning, she quickly becomes Bond’s ally in Skyfall (2012).

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Sévérine wants to protect her secrets, but she ends up being the center of attention even when she doesn’t want to. She has limitless reserves of energy, given her ability to survive Silva’s ordeal for the longest period of time (although she is killed in the end).

7Virgo – Honey Ryder

Honey Ryder is often considered the first Bond girl, even though she was the third, simply because of her iconic appearance on the beach in the first Bond film, Dr. No (1962). As a Virgo, Honey is the definition of the effortless look (who else can look like a model at a photoshoot while drenched in seawater and covered in sand?). She is also genuinely smart; this is shown when she reveals to Bond how she killed a man who assaulted her by sneaking a Black Widow spider through his mosquito net, a justified murder that was never solved.

6Libra – Madeleine Swann

Madeleine is the quintessential Leo, appearing in Spectre (2015). While she is at ease with Bond and other friends, she isn’t intimidated by anyone. In one scene, she even threatens Bond with murder if he so much as touched her while she was asleep. Madeleine doesn’t share the athletic ability of other Bond girls, but her medical knowledge gives her an edge at deciphering people in ways nobody else would have been able to. She is also unafraid to share her feelings and opinions, at one point informing Bond that she is done with the operation and wants to leave.

5Scorpio – May Day

May Day is by far the most badass of all the Bond girls; showing her brute strength by lifting a full-grown man into the air without breaking a sweat. May is initially an antagonist, playing the lover and bodyguard of the main villain, Max Zorin, in A View To Kill (1986). However, Zorin betrays her, resulting in her taking revenge by helping Bond. She exhibits all the Scorpio characteristics, from her intense demeanor to her indomitable courage, facing down certain death willingly in order to succeed at her mission.

4Sagittarius – Vesper Lynd

Vesper is originally assigned to Bond to help with his finances in Casino Royale (2006). However, she is soon revealed to be a spy for the terrorist organization, Quantum (although she only did so to protect her lover, Yusuf). Her intelligence and creativity are clear signs of being a Sagittarius, as shown when she saves Bond’s life when she manages to successfully defibrillate him (something even he failed to do). Vesper shows her loyalty and trustworthiness when she allows herself to be killed in the elevator in order to protect Bond.

3Capricorn – Tiffany Case

Tiffany is depicted as a smuggler who works for Bond’s nemesis, Stavro, in Diamonds Are Forever (1971). As a Capricorn, she boasts of a sharp mind, given her ability to run her diamond smuggling business worth millions of dollars without even arousing suspicion.

Tiffany also has an air of culture and refinement around her, wearing her signature black dress in a manner that inspires both adoration and envy. She is also devoted to Bond, as we see when she helps him, at peril to her own life, defeat Stavro at the end of the film.

2Aquarius – Domino Derval

Domino is definitively Aquarius, a casual beauty who refuses to let the small things in life bother her. She prefers to spend her time by herself, especially on gorgeous Caribbean beaches. Domino also shows the ability to think quickly, even in heated moments, as we see when she saves Bond’s life by attacking his would-be killer, Kutze, with a harpoon. She also shows a measure of artistic appreciation, opting for scenes of beauty and delicious cuisine over an unsophisticated life. She appears in Thunderball (1965).

1Pisces – Tracy Bond

Tracy holds the honor of being the only Bond girl who ends up becoming James Bond’s wife. You may also know the actress playing her, Diana Rigg, as the badass grand-matriarch in Game of Thrones, Olenna Tyrell. She, like most Pisces, is highly intuitive; we see this when she realizes the Bond’s good nature after she saves her life in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). Tracy is very playful in nature, which is shown when she seduces Bond in exchange for money to pay her Casino debt; after which she sneaks out of the hotel while Bond is asleep.




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