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Which Character From The Stranger Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Netflix’s, The Stranger proved to be a popular show, full of drama and incredible twists and turns. Here’s how the characters match up to the Zodiac.

Netflix’s, The Stranger proved to be a very popular show, full of drama and incredible twists and turns. However, the reason it connected so well was that it was quite a relatable show as it featured everyday people, teachers, students, and police officers, just like many people are.

But which character from the series are you most like? One way to work that out will be to take a look at the characteristics and behaviors that come from the zodiac signs, and within this list that is what we will do, to determine which character you are most like from the show.

12Aries – Corinne Price

Corinne Price is at the heart of everything that happens in The Stranger, despite the fact that she is barely in the show live. Nearly all of Corinne’s appearances come via flashbacks and the majority of her character is built up from other people talking about her.

However, from the portrait that is painted of her throughout the show, it is clear that Corinne is an Aries. She is an incredibly kind person that seemingly has time for absolutely everyone, and is someone who is full of life and personality.

11Taurus – Martin Killane

One of the biggest traits of a Taurus is the fact they can be very stubborn people. That is the best possible way to describe Martin Killane as the main storyline that this character has is the fact he is refusing to leave his home.

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While it is eventually revealed that it is because he murdered his wife and hid her body in the walls, the fact he simply will not move showcases he is a stubborn person by nature. He is also someone who is highly skilled, despite the fact people don’t first expect it, and being a dark horse is another trait of a Taurus.

10Gemini – Thomas Price

Thomas Price might only be a teenager, but he certainly got a very mature head on his shoulders. He is always looking to help others throughout the series and remains relatively calm in a tough situation, proving he can adapt to any situation.

He is one of the most popular people in his school, and being outgoing is certainly a trait of a Gemini. He is also a very smart person, which is something that he takes from both of his parents as he showcases when he constantly solves problems, such as working out how Olivia is being poisoned.

9Cancer – Patrick Katz

Patrick Katz is a perfect example of someone who is in the Cancer zodiac sign. They are notorious for having two very different sides to their personality with one side being a loyal, protective, and kind individual, which Katz is with his daughter and for the most part with his job, otherwise, he wouldn’t be in the police force.

However, the other side is someone who can be quite dangerous and often seeking out revenge. Katz shows that side of himself with the dark errors that he makes, which might technically be for the right reasons but are absolutely unforgivable.

8Leo – Adam Price

Adam Price is a very well-liked individual around the local area, which is why so many people become invested in his situation. The main reason for that is because he has an excellent personality, he is kind, hardworking, and always looking to help others.

The Leo is also often represented by a lion and the reason for that is because people in this zodiac are also seen as brave individuals. The fact that his wife goes missing and he has to keep working for Martin and look after his two children certainly ticks that box off.

7Virgo – DS Johanna Griffin

DS Johanna Griffin is the other lead character in this show as the person who is in charge of the local police and certainly has a lot going on at this time. She has the missing person, the death of her best friend, an alpaca that has been beheaded, a young boy being found naked and in a coma, all while going through marriage problems.

This is why she is a Virgo because Johanna is unbelievably hardworking. She just gets on with the tasks at hand, never complaining about how tough her situation is, despite the fact it’s very hard, always trying her best to stay well-mannered and polite to others.

6Libra – DC Wesley Ross

The main trait of a Libra is keeping the peace and making sure that everything is fair, and therefore it had to be a member of the police who took up this zodiac. Out of the three major police characters in the series, the most impartial is DC Wesley Ross.

Katz ends up being a criminal, while Johanna also makes rash decisions due to how close she is to the case itself. This makes Wesley the perfect person to be a Libra as he always tries to make sure things are done by the book.

5Scorpio – Doug Tripp

Scorpios are typically trustworthy people who are well-liked amongst their peers due to the fact they have plenty of confidence and charisma. However, cross a Scorpio and it can have devastating effects, hence the link to the animal.

This suits Doug Tripp perfectly. While he does seem like a loyal friend, and he is on the surface kind to everyone and does mean well by Adam, in one moment of madness he does end up being the one who kills Corinne. It proves he has no control over his emotions and anger and is why he’s ultimately the villain of the show.

4Sagittarius – Daisy Hoy

Daisy Hoy is Thomas’ romantic ‘friend’ throughout the show and someone who pops up in a supporting role of the young Price family member. She proves herself to be quite independent in her way of thinking and in wanting to get things done, even though deep down she does really need help and friendship.

She’s certainly adventurous, considering how she doesn’t seem to follow any rules strictly and has no problem spiking people, yet she is honest about her mistakes and things that she does, which is why she would ultimately be a Sagittarius.

3Capricorn – Edgar Price

When Edgar Price is first introduced into the show, it seems like he is going to be very unlikeable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth in the end. He is very resourceful, putting his contacts and his money into good use and he is certainly an intelligent man due to his work position.

While he might not spend tons of time with his family prior to Corinne going missing, he gets regular updates from her and stays in touch because he cares. Edgar then proves his loyalty throughout by helping Adam work things out, which is what makes him a Capricorn.

2Aquarius – The Stranger

The Stranger herself quite obviously plays a massive part in the series, even if she doesn’t appear as much as other characters. She is the one who stirs the pot for everyone else and a lot of that is down to the unique lifestyle that she leads.

That’s primarily what makes her an Aquarius, as they are typically quite free people. However, people in this zodiac are also smart and while she puts her intelligence to bad use in order to bribe people and cause havoc, there’s no doubt that she is clever.

1Pisces – Heidi Doyle

Heidi Doyle is only a supporting character in The Stranger, which is mainly due to the fact she is killed early on in the series. However, from what is shown of her in the show it is clear that she would be best suited to being a Pisces.

Heidi is an incredibly creative person, which she showcases throughout her cake-making ability. Heidi owns a cafe and through that, she clearly has to be creative with making different cakes, while she is also very empathetic for her best friend, which is another top Pisces trait.

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