• June 22, 2021

Which After Life Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Most fans connect to certain characters on After Life, but which character would you be based on your Zodiac sign?

The big reason that After Life has become such a beloved series is because of how down to earth it is. Ricky Gervais has written the show beautifully in order to make all the characters connect with audiences as they feel real, with everyone having experienced something that one or more of the characters is going through. 

That’s what draws out the incredible emotions from audiences, while people are certainly emotional over what is happening on the show, it is also because they have gone through plenty themselves. But, which character are you most like from this heartwarming series? Well, within this list, we shall reveal who by using the zodiac signs.

12Aquarius: James

James was a new character that was added to the show in the second season after making a brief cameo role in the original season. He has work experience at the newspaper office while also taking part in the show in the village hall as well.

He is shown to be a character that is happy and confident enough to express himself and his major interests, which is why he’d be a great Aries. He is also a free spirit and someone who isn’t too concerned about what others think of him.

11Pisces: Pat

Pat is the postman who ends up in a relationship with Daphne and he is also one of the funniest characters in the series. He constantly comes out with hilarious one-liners and is a very inquisitive individual, often wanting to know as much information as possible.

He is constantly asking Tony questions, even when it’s based around something very simple. He is also an empathetic character who does try to help others and understands their feelings, which makes him the perfect Pisces.

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10Aries: Emma

While After Life has a lot of characters who are certainly a little darker in their mood, that isn’t the case for Emma. Throughout the series, she really is a beacon of light and positivity, which is why she is a perfect Aries as they are notoriously very positive people.

People within this zodiac are always charismatic and full of energy. Despite the fact that her job is incredibly demanding, Emma always has a smile and a warm personality to offer people. Her kindness is given without question, and that is why she’s such a positive character.

9Taurus: Brandy

Sure, Brandy is technically a dog, but this canine shows just as much personality and character as any human on the show, and she certainly proves to be man’s best friend. There are several times throughout the series where Brandy stops Tony from killing himself, sensing exactly what pain he is in.

Even though Brandy cannot communicate like a human, the dog always seems to be in the right place at the right time. The reliability that comes from Brandy isn’t one that demands anything in return, and that’s what makes Brandy the perfect Taurus.

8Gemini: Lisa

Even though it is Lisa’s unfortunate death that creates the entire premise for After Life, she still plays a big part in the show through flashback clips. Throughout all those clips, her personality is shown as someone who cares for others before herself, no matter the situation.

Even when she is battling cancer, Lisa is thinking about other people first. She’s a warm and genuine person who seems to have an excellent sense of humor and is happy and outgoing enough to talk to anyone, which makes her the ideal Gemini.

7Cancer: Tony

While Lisa is always incredibly bubbly and happy, the same cannot be said for Tony. While he is obviously grieving throughout the series, in the throwback clips and comments, it is made clear that he has always been a little bit prickly at times.

This is why Tony best suits being in the Cancer zodiac because he is someone who can, in one moment, be incredibly kind, caring, and funny. Yet on the other side, he can be cruel, hurtful, and angry, which showcases the two sides of him at this period in his life.

6Leo: Daphne

While Daphne might be a * worker, she proves that it is important to not judge a book by its cover, because she is actually one of the nicest people on the show. She is warm and bubbly and is always up for a laugh, not taking things too seriously.

Her positive attitude and love for life is what makes her a Leo, and is also what makes her the perfect friend to Tony. Having someone who can totally balance him out when he is feeling down or grumpy, she is the ideal friend for him at this stage in his life.

5Virgo: Kath

Kath might often be the joke of the office, simply due to how she acts and speaks, but she is also the kindest. While she is hard-working and clearly enjoys her job, she also shows her creativity with things that she makes for herself, while also being very kind.

She might not always say the right thing, but Kath certainly tries her best to make sure that everyone is as happy as possible. All she wants is to be loved and her warm heart is what really makes her a perfect Virgo, as she is also someone who overthinks things and can worry as well.

4Libra: Sandy

Libras traditionally don’t want to see any sort of conflict at all, trying to make things as fair as possible they really are the ultimate diplomats. That is where Sandy comes in. She really does her best to try and bring a balance to the newspaper office, trying to keep Tony happy without having him upset others in the office.

She wants him to be happy and really works hard on making that happen. She is also a very intelligent woman who works hard towards her dreams, and that work ethic is something that also would make her a Libra.

3Scorpio: Anne

Scorpios are notoriously excellent friends and people that can be relied upon to give fantastic advice in difficult times, and nobody in After Life does that better than Anne. She is consistently there for Tony to try and pick him up and give him life advice.

She’s incredibly honest, which is another Scorpio trait, even if it isn’t always what Tony wants to hear. She seems to know exactly what to say, and the scenes involving Anne often bring the best advice and many emotional moments.

2Sagittarius: Lenny

Lenny works alongside Tony in the newspaper, and while he can be a little dimwitted at times, he is also very kind to everyone else. He’s someone who cares about everyone and always enjoys engaging in conversation, even if it’s about something utterly pointless.

He’s a social creature in that way, and he is also very honest. He says whatever is on his mind, quite literally, and always tries to look on the bright side of life, which is what makes him a Sagittarius.

1Capricorn: Matt

Capricorns are traditionally very hardworking people and considering that he is the editor of the newspaper, there is no doubt that Matt has had to put in the work throughout his life. He is also someone who feels very responsible and takes on other people’s issues, which he often does with Tony and other members of the office.

Another big Capricorn trait that Matt has is the fact he is very pessimistic, always thinking the worst of every situation. He constantly does it with work and is quite downbeat about things going on.



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