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What do the zodiac signs hate most?

Sure, jealousy, quarrels and criticism are not really fun, but astrology knows that each zodiac reacts differently. The planet ruled by a zodiac sign tells you what you hate most …

The planetary constellation provides information about how we react to different situations and what behavior we hate in others. The position of the sun at the time of our birth decides in which zodiac sign we are born.

Since all planets orbit the sun and go through the horoscope, there is a planet for each zodiac sign, from which the sign is governed. In astrology, the planets play a crucial role when it comes to interpreting personality traits and psychological relationships. So we can say what the zodiac signs hate most …

Better not keep a ram waiting

As the first sign in the zodiac, the ram is ruled by the planet Mars, its element is fire. Mars stands for assertiveness, courage, willingness to fight, impulsiveness and drive. In a positive sense, this means that the ram can defend itself and bravely pursue its goals. On the other hand, Aries born can also act aggressively, belligerently and even violently with this energy.

Not every ram can channel its energies. It is not surprising that patience is not exactly a strength for this powerful sign. Aries want to storm and do. Therefore, there is hardly anything that provokes the ram more than to keep it waiting. Anyone who slows them down must expect an announcement and the ensuing open argument. The ram will seek the conversation and emphatically state his point of view. This can only be avoided if you don’t let him wait that long next time.

The bull doesn’t like to share

The bull is ruled by Venus, its element is the earth. That means primarily that he is devoted to the sensual joys of life. He works purposefully and patiently to build something up in life. He is prudent, conscientious and reliable. Losing his possession, however, frightens him a lot. Sometimes he can be possessive, jealous, jealous and miserly.

The typical bull can not share well, least of all its partner. At the slightest suspicion of fraud, the cozy and serene being changes and shows his passionate side. The last place you want to be is a battle arena where an angry bull rages. If he sees red, he can completely lose control. It is quite possible that dishes will also break.

Twins take a break in boring conversations

The planet Mercury rules the twins, their element is the air. Mercury stands for the mind and promotes thinking and communication. The twins quickly grasp their situation, are adaptable, communicative and sociable. Perhaps their most salient feature is their curiosity – about people and life itself. They want to get to know and explore everything.

On the other hand, this curiosity is the reason why they quickly lose interest in things they already know. Accordingly, twins get bored quickly, especially from people who have nothing exciting to tell. If a conversation does not go according to their ideas, twins make no secret of the fact that they are bored and change not only the topic of the conversation but also the conversation partner.

Cancer likes to avoid open arguments

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Its planet is the moon, its element is water. The moon stands for the longing to be accepted and to find its place in the world. Accordingly, cancer is sensitive, always has an open ear for the problems of others, is caring, sensitive and sensitive. As helpful as he gets into other people’s problems, he is sometimes helpless with his own.

The fact that he sometimes fails on himself is also due to his lack of culture of argument. Nothing is more hated by cancer than an open discussion. He prefers to avoid it. If there is a dispute, the vulnerable side of the zodiac sign shows. The cancer will not resist, but will withdraw immediately.

Nobody tolerates criticism as badly as a lion

The lion is ruled by the sun, its element is fire. Just like its planet, this sign of the zodiac radiates warmth in which others feel lifted and safe. The lion is protective, charming, and fearless. In his role of protector, however, he sometimes goes too far, is dominant, self-centered and appears conceited.

If one of his subjects goes astray and stops admiring his protector, it badly affects the lion. He also finds it difficult to tolerate rivals in his area, after all, he wants the undivided attention of those around him. Anyone who criticizes is immediately in the proverbial lion’s den, where it can get very uncomfortable. After all, the lion knows that he is the king of the zodiac. He will not rest until the critic has been silenced.

The virgin needs a plan

The virgin is ruled by the planet Mercury, her element is the earth. Mercury stands for thinking and communication. While the latter is in the foreground for the twins, thinking predominates in the virgin. The virgin will analyze and think everything through before acting. She is dutiful, meticulous and perfectionist.

Your biggest enemy is a lack of structure. Just doing something spontaneously is almost impossible for the virgin. She needs a plan. As long as it does not exist, it does nothing. Everything has to be planned carefully so that the virgin can sleep peacefully. Every detail is taken into account and every eventuality is taken into account. Unplannedness is an abomination to the Virgin.

Woe to the one who disturbs the harmony of a Libra

The Libra is ruled by Venus, its element is the air. In the case of the Libra, Venus stands for grace, beauty and art. The planet also gives the zodiac its balancing principle. A balance is diplomatic, in need of harmony and sensual, but can also be sensitive, vain and changeable.

Nothing hates the scales more than an imbalance, no matter in which area. The Libra is fine as long as there is harmony and peace. For example, if you sulk and are not ready to settle a dispute, you are through with the scales below, because this will do everything to end the dispute.

The scorpion in the fight against injustice

The scorpion is controlled by the planets Pluto and Mars. Its element is water. Pluto stands for change and impermanence and challenges us to become aware of our dark side. For the scorpion, this means that it is analytical, mysterious and self-critical. However, some fear their poisonous sting, especially if the sign shows its uncompromising, manipulative and resentful side.

Scorpio hates nothing more than injustice. If he has identified a situation in which it is not fair, he intervenes and fights – supported by the fighting planet Mars – for a fair outcome. In doing so, he benefits from his willpower and passion.

For the shooter, jealousy borders on deprivation of liberty

The shooter is ruled by Jupiter, his element is water. Happiness planet Jupiter stands for growth, optimism and the search for the meaning of life. This is also the way of the shooter, who is thirsty for knowledge, honest and committed through life. His sometimes instructive manner, with which the shooter can have a bit of show-off, is not so well received.

He is the globetrotter of the zodiac and needs freedom to breathe like the air. If the shooter is put in chains and should always be available for the partner, this limits the deprivation of liberty. No wonder he can’t handle jealousy. If the partner does not give his shooter enough time for himself, both zodiac signs will have a complicated relationship . Held on a short leash, the otherwise generous shooter shows his irritable and above all independent side by ending the relationship.

Quick decisions put pressure on the ibex

The ibex is ruled by the planet Saturn, its element is earth. The themes of Saturn are: limits, down-to-earthness and dealing with your own weaknesses. Accordingly, the ibex stands with both feet in life and is a realist through and through.

Capricorn likes to weigh up decisions and takes his time to find a point of view. Putting pressure on him while he is still in the discovery phase will make the Capricorn angry and he will quickly and directly put his opponent in his place. Quick shots are not in his nature, and he cannot understand them when talking to someone else.

If it were up to Aquarius, the day would be 48 hours

The planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, its element is the air. The sign gets to feel the limitations of Saturn, plus the changes that Uranus brings with it. Aquarius combines individualism and adherence to principles on the one hand and creative creativity and downright visionary thoughts on the other.

As an individualist, he hates conventions and narrow-mindedness. But what worries this creative spirit the most is that the day only has 24 hours and human performance is limited. To accept that life is short and that due to lack of time he will only ever realize a fraction of his ideas is the great life task of an Aquarius.

Anyone who exploits the fish will soon have one friend less

The fish are ruled by Neptune, their element is water. Neptune embodies sensitivity and devotion, but also stands for addiction problems and deception. The fish are sensitive, helpful and imaginative, but also tend to be undisciplined, can be easily influenced and are often overly sensitive.

Fish like to sacrifice themselves for their fellow human beings, willingly help and listen when an open ear is needed. However, their strength is also their greatest weakness: if they find out that their help is being used, even these otherwise so gentle beings can hate. Whoever sustainably injures the fish will completely withdraw and dive.


Have you been single for a long time? Maybe your zodiac sign is the reason, because some zodiac signs are afraid of love and prefer to be solo.

These zodiac signs with complicated relationships have a lot of explosive potential. Even if Cupid’s arrow hits, the rags will fly at some point. The gap between the elements is often difficult or impossible to overcome.

Terrifying how apt some horoscopes are. The powerful ram, the analytical virgin or the sensual Libra: The love horoscope also shows that each zodiac sign lives relationships and sexuality differently. What do men want in love? The zodiac sign reveals it .

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