• April 17, 2021

These are the early birds among the zodiac signs

Early bird, night owl or sleepy hat: Find out what your zodiac sign says about your sleep-wake rhythm in our three-part astro-sleep series. Read who is an early bird.

Get out of bed with joy! In contrast to the night owls, the early birds go to bed under the signs of the zodiac at times, because nothing is as bad as the agony of having to keep your eyes open with matches. A nice side effect: you come out of bed in the morning without a snooze button.

The early risers often make no exceptions for parties and leave the festival early to disappear into the colorful feathers. Polish departure included. Other zodiac signs benefit from the phenomenon that they just don’t need as much sleep as others.

In addition, there are (fire) signs that can hardly wait for the next day and look forward to experiencing new things. Her curiosity and lust for life drive her out of bed.

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Aries: The first one to get up

The Aries principle is particularly evident in a creative approach, accompanied by the great desire to be the first in everything. The saying “The early bird catches the worm” is entirely in the taste of a ram. For this reason alone, he likes to get up early to scan all social and news platforms and to be well informed.

In addition, this zodiac sign likes to start the day in its own rhythm – and stress is not one of them. For this reason, the alarm should be set half an hour earlier in order to have a time buffer for all eventualities and to avert what could cause stress at an earlier hour.

Taurus: Sleep is part of the physical well-being

Anyone who has ever been in a bull-born bedroom knows what cosiness means. Sleep, like the food, is a sensual pleasure for the bull. The bull prefers to sleep in its own bed. Everything is just right here: hardness of the mattress (it can also be a water bed!), Size of the duvet and cuddle factor of the bed linen.

With so much enjoyment of sleep, it is no wonder that the bull prefers to escape early from the sofa at home into the cozy bed. It is extremely difficult for the bull to read here for a long time. After all, he worked hard and hard during the day and really deserved a recovery period. In this way he can start the next day powerfully and rested. The bull knocks the blanket back and starts right away after the first alarm ring.

Cancer: The impressions have to be processed

Sensitive and empathic cancer perceives a lot from its fellow human beings. How are colleagues and, more importantly, the family? Those who need someone to listen to are at the right address for cancer-born people.

So much empathy, however, takes its toll. If you open yourself to the well-being of others, you need a balance and a retreat. The powers of the delicate cancer woman are exhausted long before midnight. Instead of torturing herself, she prefers to go to bed early, because what could be better for regeneration than an extensive cap of sleep? And since he can easily get by with eight hours of sleep, the cancer is ready to go again in the morning.

Sagittarius: excited about every new day

Sagittarius-born meet curious and optimistic every new day. They want to take everything that life has to offer. A Sagittarius woman wants to understand the world as a whole and is looking for her place in it. It’s not just about growth, it’s about growing beyond yourself.

The motto of this fire sign could be: Those who sleep long miss half. No wonder, then, that the Sagittarius woman is driven out of bed early. Going for a jog before work? No problem for them. Sleep is more of a means to an end in order to cope with the high workload.

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