• April 13, 2021

ONLY date Aries woman if you can do the following 10 things

Are you dating an Aries woman? Well, if you are dating one, then you are in for a super feisty and passionate ride! The Aries woman isn’t the type who will ever want to play second fiddle in a relationship. Preferring always to call the shots, Aries people of whatever gender tend to play the traditionally masculine role. If you’re looking for a boss lady to take charge of your life, then you’re in the right place. At the same time, keeping up with her abundant energy can be quite tiring sometimes. So, here are 10 things you NEED to put up with while dating an Aries woman.

Accept her independence

She does not need you to be her knight in shining armour; she’s accepting you as a part of her life. She is definitely not the clingy type and you wouldn’t see her at every another chance you get, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested in you. She’s an independent soul and you NEED to respect that or it wouldn’t last long. Don’t hold back to let her know when you need her presence. Aries women love and appreciate when you’re direct with your needs and wants from them. She knows how to prioritise!

Accept her honesty and bluntness

She cannot hide what she has on her mind from her face no matter how hard she tries. Aries women can be pretty inconsiderate at times about others’ feelings, but she’ll always apologise if she thinks her actions or words have offended someone. It is relatively rare for her to meet someone who can handle her opinionated self and not take it personally.

Prepare to handle all her questions

An Aries woman is packed with all sorts of questions! She would want to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, your opinions, about what you do and why you do it, etc. The list is pretty long, so brace yourself to answer all these questions which come your way.

Be a little cheesy

Even though she is out there and bold, she’s all about creating and capturing memories, so say hello to taking cute photographs, holding hands, stolen glances and a lot of PDA. She’s proud and happy to be with you and she will make it evident. She will not give a care in the world about what other people will think of her actions.

Give her attention

She’s a super confident soul, be it with her actions and thoughts. But don’t let that fool you. She needs your eyes on her and your words of affirmation. This doesn’t mean that she wants to be the centre of attention but the centre of YOUR attention. Make sure you are giving it to her, or prepare yourself for the tantrums coming your way.

Be prepared for a commitment

Of course, there’s a dating period, but if an Aries woman finds what she is looking for in you, then she’ll want to have an intentional relationship thereafter. If you come up with nasty and flimsy excuses, you’ll lose her and a GEM.

Let go of her past

Because she already has! All of those things in the past stay in the past for her. She doesn’t hold onto guilt from the bad choices she’s made, and she doesn’t think about them all the time. She embraces the imperfections of human nature and thrives on loving the good in herself and in others.

Be a part of her adventures

The fire sign is known for its spontaneity, impulsiveness and love for adventure. She’s the one with the crazy ideas, the unintentional life of the party and is the discoverer of the unknown. Be willing to experience life with her, or at least give her the space she needs to experience it. Don’t ever try to hold her back, she’s always looking to grow, change and mature. It’s all an adventure for her.

Accept her huge heart

Aries is an incredible lover and at the same time great forgiver. Aries woman will never go on and hold things against you. She wants to talk about it and fix whatever the issue is right away. She gives plenty of chances so do not take them for granted. Even if you say something super hurtful to her, she will take a little time to process it and will bounce right back to being normal once you genuinely apologise.

Accept her protective nature

Aries is far from being jealous, but they are protective of both themselves and what they consider to be theirs. She’s always protective about the people she cares about. She’s careful with their hearts and attempts to handle everything with utmost care.

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