• April 13, 2021

Here This is How each Signs celebrates holi Based On Zodiac Signs

Holi is the festival of colors and is celebrated every year a day after the Full Moon i.e Purnima in the month of March. As everyone has different ways of playing holi and here you can have a look how each Zodiac signs celebrate holi.



Aries will never miss any opportunity to form a group and they are the leader of the group. They are the former person to scream a loud ‘holi hai’ and will invite everyone to join them.



Bulls are the one who will love to play holy and are they will always play holi with their friends. They have a friend circle which is surrounded by the members of opposite sex and will love to play with different colours.






Gemini love to play holi with different groups and their groups are usually surrounded by the members of opposite sex. They usually love to play holy with different colours and which are always familiar.



Cancer love to play holi at home and they will generally invite everyone to their home. They are the one who loves to play holi with coloured water instead of dry colour.



Leo will be invited by many groups and they will take think rationally of joining the specific group. Generally they are the ones who don’t like to play holi for the entire day, instead, they will watch movie in theatre with the colour stain on their whole body and clothes.






Virgos are much disciplined and they will usually plan a day for holi and will do so collective relation task or campaign. They may meet some old friend or some old relation which is needed to be sparkle. As Virgos are very health conscious, so they will probably prefer colours which are not harmful to their skin.



Libra will play holi when they find some good group, however they get comfortable with any group. Liberians are the fan of loud music which will be either western or metallic. You will generally find libra dancing on this kind of perky music at the time of holi.



Scorpios are the one who loves to play holi, but they need to feel comfortable about it and everybody needs to insist them and once they will feel comfy they will enjoy a lot. Instead, Scorpio will love to spend their time with their sweetheart if they have one.



Archers are the one who will love to play holi with different culture people and with different colours. They love to play holi by playing varieties of folk songs and they will surely motivate everyone to play holi.






Capricorns will play holi for a while as they don’t like to sit dirty for the whole day. However, they have a huge heart and will treat everyone humbly but will play holi only to be the part of collective relation campaign or task.



Aquarians have huge groups of friends, so they are the ones who will usually play holi with the some of the lively groups. They are one who doesn’t like to play holi with their family but in fact, will love to travel another place and play holi with the lively and enthusiastic group of friends.



Pisces are the one who will surely love to dip themselves in water-filled of buckets or anything. They like to invite everyone at home as they love playing holi at their home. They will surely treat their guests with lots of love and will satisfy them by offering different colors and dishes.



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