• June 22, 2021

Here Following Are These Zodiac Signs Who Are Bold Enough to Let Go

1) Aquarius

Aquarians always have a backup plan and, truth to be told, the relationship probably ended because of them, so there is actually no need for them to grieve – they’ve already passed that.

If you know an Aquarian, it won’t surprise you that they’ve already had their eye on someone else while they were in a relationship. Although, when they love a person, they love with all of their heart. It’s just you never know for how long that love is going to last.

2) Gemini

They will be sad, that’s true, but only about ten minutes. The next thing you know, they are slipping into their hot dress and putting on their fake lashes in the pursuit of a new hot catch.

Gemini love to flirt and that’s the area of expertise they are the best in. So, don’t you worry about Gemini; they will try hard to fall in love again – past is the past.

3) Taurus

Taurus don’t have time to waste on tears and sorrow. After they break up with someone, they look for things to do right that second because their precious time cannot be wasted. Don’t be surprised if they decide to make the time go by faster through engaging in meaningless hookups. After all, it is widely known that Taurus men in bed are like hitting the jackpot.

Their whole lives are about work and doing productive things. Crying over a breakup is not one of those things, therefore there is no point wasting tears in vain.

4) Capricorn

A Capricorn will never pretend they are fine if they are not. Their broken heart needs a little time to recover, so they will take the exact amount of time they need to get through that painful period.

One thing is certain about them, though, and that is you’ll never hear them complain about being in pain. You’ll actually never notice they are going through a rough period. And of course, if you ask them how they are doing, they will tell you they are perfectly fine and that they never needed the person they’ve split up with in their lives in the first place.

5) Cancer

Cancers, emotional as they are, will hide the fact they’ve been hurt. People around them will probably think they are perfectly fine because they will mask their pain with humor. Tip: When you see a Cancer cracking joke after joke, chances are they are hurting really bad.

Actually, this tactic is not denial, as most people would say. When it comes to Cancer, it’s their way of getting over a heartbreak – it’s the most effective and fastest way for them to get back on their feet.

6) Aries

They are always craving for perfection, so if they get dumped, they will blame themselves, but they will never engage in self-pity. Instead, they will try hard to work on themselves to become better and stronger. Self-improvement is their key to getting over a heartbreak.

In this way, they are a bit selfish because they will forget about the person who broke their heart in a second and focus solely on themselves.

7) Pisces

It takes time for an emotional Pisces to get over a heartbreak, mostly because of Pisces’ eminent personality. Every time they enter a new relationship, they put so much of themselves in it that after getting dumped, it feels like someone ripped a part of them and took it away forever.

But once they find the strength to recover and after some time, they are ready to love again even harder than before – this time, with a person who is sure about them, someone who will love them without thinking twice about it.

8) Sagittarius

Sags are very good actors so they will act like they are just fine. Even more than fine, they will act like they’re on top of the world. The reality is, they are nowhere near that feeling. The reality is… they are still hurting.

When they deal with what happened in their own way and on their own terms, they will decide what to do next. One way or another, Sags will cross every bridge when they come to it – successfully.

9) Virgo

Virgos are special when it comes to these issues. It will take them quite long to get over a heartbreak. It’s not because of the person, it’s because they will overthink what went wrong and how they didn’t see it coming.

When they finally come to terms with accepting what happened, they will overthink once again – this time why it took them so long to get over the person who dumped them. One way or another, the reason why it takes that much time is because they over-analyze and overthink literally anything that happens in their lives.

10) Leo

Leos are going to throw themselves in their work in an attempt to try to forget about how much their heart hurts. But sadly, they can only pretend the pain will go away because it doesn’t. The work keeps them busy so they don’t think about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone.

Nothing they do can stop them from hurting. They can pretend, but emotionally, they are a wreck.

11) Scorpio

Scorpios hurt for a long time, but like the rest of those who won’t accept the pain, they pretend nothing ever happened. The catch is, for as long as they are close to the person who hurt them, they won’t be able to move on.

So, don’t be surprised if a Scorpio disappears all of a sudden – it’s their way of coping with pain. If the person is far away from them, the chances of surviving the heartbreak are much higher.

12) Libra

It’s perfectly understandable that it takes the longest for Libras to get over someone. They are not like the rest of the signs. The biggest problem is that it takes forever for a Libra to actually find someone they like, that’s why it’s that much much harder to let them go.

Everything they feel, they feel deeply, and it makes them the worst handlers of breakup pain.


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