• April 17, 2021

Find Out These 10 Traits With A Sagittarius Moon Sign Based Zodiac Sign

If your Moon Sign happens to be Sagittarius, then chances are you’ll easily recognize these ten Sagittarius Moon traits.


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of twelve in the traditional Zodiac cycle. Represented by the Archer or the Centaur, Sagittarius is a fire sign. If your moon is in Sagittarius it means that the moon was traveling through Sagittarius at the time of your birth.

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Most people are more familiar with their sun signs in relation to their personality, but the moon sign is just as important. It is connected to a person’s inner self, controlling their emotions and the person they are becoming. These are some traits you’ll recognize your moon sign is in Sagittarius.


It can be hard for people who require more rigidity in their lives to handle a Sagittarian moon’s relaxed nature, but they are guaranteed to have a good time if they go along with them.


Optimistic to the core, Saggitarian moons keep it light-hearted whenever they can. Others may feel like they don’t take things seriously enough, but this is just a way for people with their moon in Sagittarius to keep the peace.

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Because of their sometimes flighty nature, people with a moon in Saggitarius need to be with someone who is equally interested in exploring new places. Never one to remain stagnant, Saggitarian moons are just trying to learn new things and grow, even if that comes at the expense of growing some relationships.


6Big Picture Thinkers


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Sagittarian moons signs are easy to get along with, having a welcoming thought for everyone they come across and not taking anything too seriously. They don’t allow themselves to get too bogged down in emotions, keeping an eye on the bright side instead.

4Knowledge Seekers

People with their moon in Sagittarius are constantly trying to learn new things.  In addition to trying to expand their own horizons, they also seek to share their knowledge with others. They are often students, teachers, and philosophers.



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While they are busy learning as much new information as they can, the little things often slip by them. Don’t be surprised if the friend that is always running late or loses their keys all the time has a moon in Sagittarius.

1Easy Going

Lunar Sagittarians are some of the most laid back of the Zodiac. Friendly at the core, a Sagittarius can make anyone feel at home. Their open-mindedness and adaptability allow them to get along with all types of people, except for those they consider to be closed-minded. Spontaneity, wonder, and friendliness are all qualities of a Lunar Sagittarius that keeps them easy going.


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