• June 22, 2021

Find Out These 10 Traits With A Leo Moon Sign Based Zodiac Sign

What are you traits of a person with a Leo moon sign? Let’s take a look at 10 characteristics that are common with a Leo moon!


When people read their horoscope, they often ignore that the moon sign is essential for their personality, since it defines our inner selves. Knowing your moon sign will help you to understand your emotions and how you react to life events.

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People born with a moon in Leo are often vibrant, intense, and full of passion. They can be the life of a party, and they never go unnoticed. However, they can also be over-the-top sometimes and tend to have theatrical reactions when they are upset. Without further ado, here are 10 traits of people born with a Leo moon.

10Passionate & Intense

Friends and relatives will often describe a person with a moon in Leo as passionate and intense. Those people will put their hearts in anything they are committed: school, work, organizing a party, and their relationships.

People born with a Leo moon sign will often show lots of enthusiasm for a project. And they are often great people to have around.

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9They Love Compliments

People with a Leo moon might be dedicated and enthusiastic, but they do that for a reason: they love to receive recognition for their work. They will often make sure that people in the office know their achievements and get compliments for it. Receiving a bonus for their work or any prize is something they will love the most.

Of course, they also love compliments on their personal life. That means they will appreciate when someone notices how gorgeous they look in a new dress.

8They Can Hold On To Resentment

Every sign in the zodiac has flaws, and people born with a moon in Leo are no different. They might be amazing people to be around, but they do not forgive people. If someone hurts them or they feel injustice, they will not deal well with that, and it is hard to get a second chance with them.

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Leo people will hardly try to get revenge, but they just won’t forgive.

7They Will Love The Spotlight

Shy is a word that doesn’t exist in the vocabulary of people with a Leo moon. They love to be the center of attention, and they have a natural talent to steal the spotlight. They feel they were not born to be in “second place” and they will always try their best to rag the attention.

When they are young, they are those children who will always aim for the leading roles at school plays and will have no problems in making presentations in front of the whole class.

6They Can Be Dramatic

Leo moon people are passionate and intense. That means that they will not try to hide their feelings when they are upset. People born with a Leo moon have a huge potential to be melodramatic, which can be overwhelming sometimes.

They will also be unhappy when they are not the center of attention, and that can lead them to have over-the-top behavior. No one is perfect, right?

5Lots Of Energy

Leo moon people are often full of energy, and it isn’t easy to follow them. They are hard-work people, with lots of passion for their projects. It doesn’t matter how long the day at work was, they will always have the energy to have a drink in the evening or go out to dance.

They are great at multitasking, and they will often be busy dealing with 1,000 different things during their day. And the most impressive thing: they will do everything well.

4They Love To Look Good

People born with a moon in Leo will love to spend hours taking care of themselves. Working out will often be part of their routine because of their excess of energy, but also because they want to look better each day. They also love clothes that highlight the best part of their bodies, and they know how to choose what to wear better than any other sign.

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People with a Leo moon will often have a massive mirror at home, where they can admire themselves and make sure they are perfect before they leave the house.

3They Can Be Insecure

Leo moon people might look confident and always be comfortable in being the center of attention, which is great quality! However, some of them can use their bubbly personality to hide their insecurities and need attention all the time.

For people with a moon in Leo, the world’s a stage, and they need people praising them for feeling validated.

2They Like To Have Control

People born with a Leo moon sign are natural leaders, but they are not good delegating things. They live to have control of every aspect of their lives, and even if they have an assistant, they will not trust them 100%. Those people believe that no one does a task so well-done as themselves.

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Being able to multitask is great, but it is also great to trust people around you to do some tasks. It isn’t so good to always carry all that weight on your shoulders.

1They Are Creative

It is no surprise many great artists are born under the sign of Leo, like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. And that is also something valid for people with a moon in Leo. They are more creative than average, and they will often express themselves with art. That means that they can be great dancers, singers, painters or writers. No matter how they choose to express themselves, people will feel the passion they put on it.


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