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Find Out The Top First Generation Character Based On Zodiac Sign

The esoteric nature of Channel 4’s hit, Skins provides a natural backdrop to match each first-generation character to their astrological counterpart.

The Channel 4 hit series Skins became a worldwide sensation when it first premiered. They even created a U.S. version with the same exact script, but it only came off as a failed replica of the original series, its enigmatic essence impossible to duplicate.The esoteric nature of Skins provides a natural backdrop to match each first-generation character to their astrological counterpart. Let’s dive into the twelve zodiac signs, and the Skins character they best represent. 

12Tony Stonem — Aries

Tony Stonem, portrayed by Nicholas Hoult, exceeds at pretty much everything he touches. From academics to approval from his parents, and having his cake while eating it too in the romance department, Tony seems to have it all figured out. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are often seen as leaders of their group, charging through the unknown fearlessly.

Tony fits the archetypical Aries through their paralleling short sidedness–they both have wicked tempers and short fuses, which oftentimes get the best of them and sabotage their relationships. Aries’ dark side can also be manipulative and possess an invincibility complex, demonstrated through Tony’s rampant cheating and reckless abandonment which ultimately leads him to his unfortunate demise of being hit by a bus in the series one finale.

11Posh Kenneth — Taurus

The A-List actor Daniel Kaluuya (Get OutBlack Panther) got his breakout role in Skins as an ancillary character to the main cast, Posh Kenneth. Posh appears in several episodes throughout the first three seasons, mainly portrayed as Anwar’s good friend. He’s a street rapper who’s very articulate and well-read when he’s not performing and acts as the fun-loving party pal who adds hilarious content.

Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, is one of the Zodiac’s best tastemakers–these bulls love to indulge and have a great time! Since Posh’s personality is that of the hedonistic teenager, it’s only fitting to assume there’s a Taurean influence at hand.

10“Sketch” (Lucy) — Gemini

Lucy–known as “Sketch” by the main gang–is another side character who plays a very important part throughout the lives of the first generation characters. Sketch lives with her mom, who’s disabled with multiple sclerosis, in the same apartment block as Maxxie. She develops an unhealthy obsession with Maxxie, who she’s infatuated with on a terrifying level.

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After Maxxie reveals he’ll never be interested in her since he’s gay, Sketch dates Anwar to try and make him jealous, which backfires in her face. She’s similar to a Gemini, represented by the twins, which can be depicted as duplicitous, unpredictable, and, well, sketchy! Geminis are also cunning, creative, and quick on their feet, all positive qualities Sketch also possesses.

9Angie — Leo

Angie (Siwan Morris), the guidance counselor who ends up having a salacious student-teacher affair with Chris, seems like the archetypical Leo. Proud, regal, and in control, Leo’s love to be the center of attention, and cannot help but be flattered whenever they’re complimented or have an admirer. Angie’s conflict with her feelings for Chris stems from feeling the need to be loved and well-liked, much like the zodiac’s Lion.

The classic Cheap Trick tune “I Want You To Want Me” is every Leo’s anthem–they just want to be fawned over!

8Cassie Ainsworth — Virgo

Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray) is probably the most afflicted, with an eating disorder and addiction struggles, plus suicidal tendencies and low self-esteem. Virgo’s can be seen as hypochondriacs, constantly worrying about their ailments and disorders, and also have a stronger tendency towards drugs and alcohol, along with the other mutable signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Cassie is delicate and poised, but her own worst critic. Virgo is surveyed as strong, intellectual, and entirely capable, but will often become their own worst enemy, afraid they lack the potential everyone else witnesses.

7Anwar Kharral — Cancer

The well known Indian actor Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) landed his first acting gig playing the part of Anwar Kharral in the first generation of Skins. Anwar’s family are devout Muslims, which causes issues for Anwar and his friendships throughout the series. Cancer is depicted as the worried and concerned sign of the zodiac, and these Crabs tend to struggle with confidence issues.

Anwar corresponds to the traits of Cancer through his anxiety over his religion and pushover attitude when it comes to his relationship with Sketch, who is walking all over Anwar. Cancer has a hard time standing up for themselves, displayed through Anwar’s inability to initially kick Sketch to the curb.

6Maxxie Oliver — Libra

Is there a Skins character who doesn’t like Maxxie? As the natural flirts of the zodiac, Libra’s are typically loved by all and considered to be the “most attractive” sign. Their fair-minded, pleasant attitudes cause Libra’s to be the peacemaker of their friend group, getting along with everyone while trying to bring harmony to those at opposition.

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Maxxie is everyone’s best friend and has a passion for dancing. Being ruled by Venus, Libra’s have an affinity for the arts and with a naturally good taste for aesthetics. Maxxie’s so attractive to everyone, he creates a stalker in Sketch and turns supposedly-straight Tony into a bisexual-beast!

5Effy Stonem — Scorpio

Effy’s character portrayal changes once she’s considered a main cast member instead of just Tony’s little sister, and the changes are quite dramatic! In the first generation of Skins, Effy is seen as dark, silent, mysterious– all traits of a typical Scorpio. The personification of death, Scorpio’s tend to expel in an elusive yet passion-driven sense of self, which parallels flawlessly with Effy.

She’s also a hedonist with very sexual overtones, the prototypical qualities needed for any true Scorpio. Effy’s journey explores further ghastly circumstances during the second generation of Skins.

4Chris Miles — Sagittarius

Chris Miles (Joe Dempsie) is the standard wandering Sagittarius, never planted in one place for too long, constantly changing environments. After Chris’s mom unexpectedly abandons him in season one, Chris is left to fend for himself, unaware of how to responsibly handle things. His party animal lifestyle and open-minded philosophies reflect that of the mutable Sagittarius.

During the season 2 episode “Chris,” Capricorn Jal (see below) convinces Chris its time to give up his “eff it” attitude and finally take some responsibility by finding himself a job, which goes against the grain of the nomadic Sagittarius.

3Jal Fazer — Capricorn

Jal Fazer (Larissa Wilson) is known for her strong will and unforgiving, unstoppable work ethic. She centers her life around the competition for Musician of the Year, relentlessly practicing the clarinet. Capricorns are the workaholics of the zodiac who value power and being in control.

In the second season episode “Chris,” Jal agrees to stop “saying no to everything” after Chris dares her to be more open-minded. It’s typical for a Capricorn to come off close-minded or judgemental, regimented and sometimes stuck in their ways, a stubborn Earth sign after all!

2Michelle Richardson — Aquarius

Michelle, seen as the elusive beauty who can’t seem to get what she wants, comes off with strong Aquarian energy. As the philanthropists of the zodiac, Aquarians tend to value intelligence over physical attraction, which Michelle proves when she begins to date Tony’s so-called “ugly” best friend Sid after Tony breaks her heart and cheats on her with Maxxie.

Although Aquarians are usually very cerebral, they’re also known for having a rebellious streak and don’t always value conventional ways of education. Throughout the first series of Skins, Michelle demonstrates a lack of interest in academics, despite being fluent in Spanish and French and fully capable of acing her classes.

1Sid Jenkins — Pisces

There’s a love parallelogram at play in season one of Skins when Sid’s unrequited love for Michelle, his best friend Tony’s girlfriend, blinds him from Cassie’s obvious advances. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, often painted as the “runt of the litter” or “last-place finisher,” hold on to tons of emotional pain and feel at home suffering.

Pisces, a mutable sign, see things from everyone’s perspective and empathize with their peers, but they also tend to wallow in their misery an expect the worst. Sid’s Piscean qualities of being emotionally intelligent and sensitive ultimately land him his dream girl, Michelle.


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