• April 13, 2021

Find Out The Super Girl Character Are You According Your Zodiac Sign

New Girl features plenty of quirky and hilarious characters. Which one better matches your personality, according to your zodiac sign?


The hit comedy New Girl spent seven hilarious seasons giving audiences a wonderful cast of characters and storylines. This series, starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, and Lamorne Morris, delivered laugh out loud comedy, making it an instant success from the premiere of the pilot episode in 2011.Not only was the show hysterically funny, but the characters were real and relatable for so many people, which is why fans continue to watch and celebrate the series. Each character was written so uniquely and distinctly, it’s easy for fans to see themselves in these fictional people. Does your favorite New Girl character match with your zodiac sign? 

12Aquarius: Ruth

The child of Schmidt and Cece will definitely grow up to be progressive and independent, and may even become a humanitarian, especially given the fact that she’s named after a female political icon.

Schmidt and Cece have definitely set their daughter up for success and like most Aquarians, she has the inherent skill set to see that her success come to fruition.

11Pisces: Jess

Pisces are compassionate and artistic, which are two of the best words to describe the star of New Girl, Jessica Day. Jess is a teacher, which means she must have a lot of compassion, and the fact that she teaches younger children means she is flexing her creative and artistic muscles daily.


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Pisces are also known for their musical ability, and fans of the series know how much Jess loves to sing.

10Aries: Schmidt

Schmidt is definitely a fire sign with his energetic and emotional personality, he exhibits a lot of classic Aries traits. Aries are also very determined and fans will remember how hard Schmidt worked to woo Cece and also how hard he worked at his job.

Because Aries tend to be more emotional, they may lead with their hearts more times than not, which to some, could feel a little impulsive, but it always comes from a heartfelt place.

9Taurus: Coach

Taurus signs are very patient and stable. They are the rock for their friends and family and always someone they can turn to for anything. Coach is definitely that for his former roommates. His presence on the show may come and go, but he’s loyal and always there when Jess, Nick, Schmidt, or Winston need him to be.

As reliable as Taurus are, they can also be a bit stubborn, which Coach proves when he’s packing for NYC and refusing to bring anything sentimental from his friends.

8Gemini: Winston

There are a lot of sides and layers to Winston. Winston is sensitive and passionate, but also nervous and indecisive. Winston loves his bird shirts but is quick to anger if someone doesn’t agree with his passion.

Winston loves a good prank but tends to take them too far. All of these Gemini traits are what makes Winston such a lovable and fun character to watch and follow.

7Cancer: Nick

Cancer signs are known to have very big imaginations and it’s safe to say that Nick Miller has the biggest imagination out of any of the characters on the series, he’d have to be able to write his novel, “The Pepperwood Chronicles”.

In addition to being imaginative, Cancers are also very loyal. Nick is so loyal, that the friends he lives with are the friends he’s always had. He met Schmidt in college and Winston in high school. Cancers are also known for their mood swings, which Nick had plenty of throughout the seven seasons.

6Leo: Cece

When fans first meet Cece, she is working as a model, which fans could easily conclude means she is self-centered, a common trait for Leos.

As the show plays out and we get to know Cece better, we see she is so much more. Cece is creative and generous and always in the mood for a good laugh, which are also all traits of a Leo.

5Virgo: Reagan

Viewers meet Reagan in season five when she moves into the loft temporarily while Jess is sequestered for jury duty. Reagan works in sales and she’s very successful, which means she’s a hard worker, a common trait for most Virgos.

Reagan is also very practical. She’s matter of fact and when it comes to the facts, she doesn’t shy away. Reagan does tend to shy away from emotional connections, though, which is another trait for Virgos.

4Libra: Paul

Jess started dating Paul early on in the series and the two seem to be a match made in heaven, but it doesn’t last long, which is a shame because Paul was a great guy. Paul was always very cooperative, especially when it came to trying new things in the bedroom with Jess.

Paul also always showed up to friend gatherings, even coming to one of the loft’s classic Thanksgivings. Paul was a bit indecisive and had a tendency to get nervous, which may have been his ultimate downfall. All of these Paul traits are also traits of a Libra.

3Scorpio: Ferguson

The Scorpio sign is loyal and loving and is considered to be a real true friend among the zodiac signs. In New Girl, there was no friendship more pure and true than that of Winston and his cat, Ferguson.

Ferguson was always there when Winston needed him and put up with a lot from his best friend, who enjoyed dressing him up and taking a lot of photos.

2Sagittarius: Sam

Sagittarius are known for their generosity and their humor, which Sam, Jess’ boyfriend in the first and second season, is both of those things. Sam is also a pediatrician, which is further proof of his generous nature.

At the same time, Sam seems to have difficulty settling down and can sometimes make promises he’s unable to keep. This fear of being constrained is a classic trait for Sagittarius signs.

1Capricorn: Aly

Ally and Winston meet and fall in love after being partners on the police force. Ally is a reliable, smart, and responsible officer of the law, all signs of a Capricorn.

Ally is also very disciplined and likes to follow the rules, which can occasionally come off as condescending or being a bit of a “know-it-all”, which also happen to be some of the struggles for most Capricorns.


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