• June 22, 2021

Find Out The Male Action Movie Hero Are You According Your Zodiac Sign

Action heroes get the job done, but how they do it varies. So which hero would you be, based on your zodiac sign?

Action movies might not be the favorite genre of critics, but many viewers love such movies exactly for what they are: explosions, fight scenes, strong protagonists, and plots that are often easy to follow. Besides, the action genre can be combined with virtually any other genre!


Thankfully, many action characters have gone on to become iconic with the actors largely contributing to their success. But which one of these memorable heroes would you be, based on your zodiac sign? 

12Aries: John Rambo (Rambo)

Aries people are assertive, brave, independent, and hate to be restricted. These natural leaders, on the other hand, are often selfish and even impulsive to an extent.

John Rambo from the Rambo franchise is an Aries. He can survive on his own relying solely on his abilities, even though he feels guilty for killing so many people.

11Taurus: Jason Bourne (Bourne Franchise)

Taurus people have good taste and often search for pleasure. They are sensual, down-to-earth, stubborn, determined, loyal, and dependable.

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Jason Bourne from the Bourne franchise seems to be a Taurus. He is an extremely skilled fighter and a very smart person who can accurately assess the situations he is in.

10Gemini: Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Geminis are often considered selfish, mischievous, and even two-faced. However, they have good qualities too. They have many talents and like playing games. They are also dynamic, ambitious, and intelligent.

Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, is a Gemini. Despite trying to appear tough, he actually suffers from PTSD and constant anxiety – and his worst nightmares actually become reality.

9Cancer: John Wick (John Wick)

Cancers are practical, nurturing, friend-oriented, and emotional. But they can be self-absorbed, sensitive, hate to argue, and forgive but don’t forget.

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John Wick from the franchise of the same name is a Cancer. He is always practical and has many friends, but he never forgets the bad things others have done to him or his loved ones.

8Leo: Wolverine (X-Men)

Leos often become popular in part thanks to their creativity, confidence, generosity, faithfulness, and inspiring nature. On the other hand, they can be prideful and dominating.

Wolverine is obviously a Leo. Everyone loves him and he is a great leader, even if he prefers not to lead others and remain an independent hero. Still, he is an inspiration for many other mutants.

7Virgo: Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible)

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible Fallout

Virgos can almost effortlessly become successful. They like pleasing those around them, but they can also lead others on. They are creative, kind, reliable, clever, and perfectionists.

Ethan Hunt from the Mission: Impossible franchise is a Virgo. He treats his colleagues kindly while being someone they can rely on in times of need, thanks to his intelligence and a unique approach to different problems.

6Libra: Bruce Wayne/Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

Libras are irresistible and adventurous by nature. They can be indecisive, which results in their complicated love lives, but they are mostly friendly, fair, and somewhat fearful.

Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is a Libra. He wants to keep the balance by opposing the criminals of Gotham, but his friendliness keeps getting him in trouble because he tries to befriend those who turn out to be the villains.

5Scorpio: The Terminator (The Terminator)

Scorpios are known for being self-reliant, wise, and powerful. These people are often called dominant, secretive, bitter, and unpredictable, but they are very passionate about what they love.

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The Terminator from the franchise of the same name is a Scorpio. He is one of the most powerful characters in these films, which is why he is so dominant and even unpredictable.

4Sagittarius: James Bond (James Bond)

James Bond unmade movies

Sagittarius people are open-minded yet hot-headed, loving yet insensitive, brave yet cold. These achievers are known for being quite straightforward too.

James Bond from his self-titled franchise is a Sagittarius. He can sometimes make stupid mistakes because he makes decisions too fast, but he is also a very brave man, which is why he is such a good agent.

3Capricorn: Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)

Capricorns are very hardworking, stubborn, and straightforward. They can’t feel content until they are at the top because they are very ambitious. They can be egotistical, but they are also loyal and organized.

Indiana Jones from the franchise of the same name is a Capricorn. He wouldn’t have become such a great archaeologist if he didn’t work hard to educate himself. He is also stubborn, which is why he succeeds in his adventures.

2Aquarius: Neo (The Matrix)

The Matrix Neo

Aquarius people are admired, creative, and eccentric. They set trends thanks to their innovative and somewhat distant approach to life. They can also be impersonal.

Neo from The Matrix trilogy is an example of this zodiac sign. He is an unusual protagonist in many ways, but the stylish aspect of the films is probably the most obvious one.

1Pisces: John McClane (Die Hard)

Pisces is a sign characterized by melancholy and sympathy. These people are alluring, sensual, free, and emotional. Yet, they can’t function alone and can be very sensitive.

John McClane from the Die Hard franchise is a Pisces. He often relies on feelings and isn’t afraid to express emotions which is probably why he manages to succeed against all odds.

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