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Find Out The Character From The Good Place Are You According Your Zodiac Sign

The Good Place featured some of the most layered characters in recent TV memory. There’s one that fits each of the Zodiac signs.


NBC’s The Good Place is, to put it mildly, one of the most good-hearted series to have appeared on network TV in recent years. Deeply philosophical yet richly funny, it’s a reminder of just how much storytelling potential still exists in the sitcom format. Undoubtedly, much of its appeal stems from its characters, who seem as if they could walk into the viewer’s living room at any moment.Viewing the characters through the lens of the zodiac adds yet another layer onto the enjoyment of this quirky series. 

12Aries – Jason

Adventurous, lively, and relentlessly positive are three of the traits most associated with Aries. Those are also three of the things that most stand out about Jason. As much of a dim bulb as he can be (and often is), there’s also something infectious about the joy with which Jason seems to move through the world. At the same time, he’ll remind the Aries viewer of the dangers of being rash and impulsive.

11Taurus – Simone

Simone is, without a doubt, the most relentlessly cynical and pragmatic person in the entire series. Even when she’s brought to the afterlife, she cannot quite accept that it is anything other than a delusion created by her brain in her last moments of life. A true Taurus, Simone is incredibly stubborn, and it takes her a significant amount of time to change her mind about almost anything having to do with the Good Place.

10Gemini – Eleanor

Eleanor is the series’ central character, but she’s something of an enigma. Like any Gemini, she seems to have two different personalities. One is the emotional one, the side that allows some measure of feeling to sneak in. The other, however, is the cynical one that pretends that nothing matters and she is only in it for her own gain. At the same time, Geminis will also recognize themselves in her fierce intelligence and her wicked cleverness.

9Cancer – Mindy

the good place mindy st claire

Mindy is one of the stranger characters to appear on the show. Unlike every other human, who has been sent to either the Good Place or the Bad Place, she exists in a realm all her own.

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She’s a true Cancer in terms of her personality, prone to bouts of self-pity and more than a little self-indulgence (she has a particular fondness for both sex and cocaine). Like many other Cancers, she is also clingy and moody.

8Leo – Tahani

The Good Place Season 4 Ending Tahani

Of all the signs in the zodiac, it is the Leo that seems to have the ability to command a room simply by entering it. Anyone who has seen even an episode of the show knows that this fits Tahani perfectly. She has a take-charge attitude that allows her to assume leadership quite easily. At the same time, she also has the tendency, as many Leos will recognize, of tending to her needs while ignoring or trampling over those of others.

7Virgo – Janet

Everyone knows that Virgos love nothing as much as getting into the details unless that’s acquiring more and more knowledge. Janet, as a being designed specifically to know all the things, is the ultimate Virgo. She also shows herself to be particular about how she wants things to be. And, like all Virgos, she is often ruthlessly logical, though she does soften a bit as the series goes on (Virgos will also recognize that they do, contrary to appearances, have a soft side).

6Libra – Chidi

Oh, Chidi. At once both endearing and infuriating, his signature trait is that he simply cannot make a decision about literally anything. Even the simplest of decisions puts him into agony from which he simply cannot escape. Libras might be a little uncomfortable seeing so much of themselves in Chidi and his constant vacillation, but it might serve as a good reminder of the importance of sometimes being decisive.

5Scorpio – Shawn

Scorpios have a tendency to be a bit manipulative, and anyone who has ever met one knows that they also have a bit of a sadistic side. While that isn’t always evil, in Shawn, a very powerful demon, it definitely is. Scorpios will see a lot of themselves in the way that Shawn is always scheming and manipulating, always trying to recapture the four human souls that he feels rightfully belong to him (and to punish Michael in the bargain).

4Sagittarius – Trevor

Though he’s not quite as subtle as Shawn, the demon Trevor is much more unpleasant. He seems to take an especial sort of delight in hurling insults at the humans. Like many a Sagittarius, he also shows himself to be overconfident at times, so convinced of his own power and his own skills at being a demon that he ends up undercutting his efforts.

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He’s a good reminder to the Sagittarius to calm it down a bit.

3Capricorn – Judge Gen

Maya Rudolph is one of those comedic actresses who owns whatever scenes she’s in, and here that takes on added importance when she appears as Gen, the ultimate authority in the universe. As a Capricorn, she likes things to be just so, and she doesn’t like them to change. It takes quite a lot of convincing from the other characters to persuade her to give humanity another chance, and Capricorns will smile knowingly at the reluctance to do so.

2Aquarius – Michael

Michael is one of the most fascinating characters in the entire show and, arguably, his story arc is the most important. As an Aquarius, he shows all of the traits of that sign, including being very intelligent and creative (he is an Architect, after all). More importantly, perhaps, he also shows that he is profoundly loyal, and as he becomes enamored of the humans he becomes their most stalwart defenders against the other demons.

1Pisces – Vicky

Pisces is a sign that has a great deal of compassion and emotion, but the flip side is that they can become very self-indulgent and prone to self-pity. Vicky, one of the demons who initially helps Michael in his torment of the humans. Unfortunately, she starts to get very impatient with the fact that she isn’t given more to do, and Pisces will no doubt see some of themselves in her bemoaning her status.


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