• April 13, 2021

Find Out Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Like This Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Some may say it’s silly to leave your fate up to the stars. But if you identify at all with the traits of your own astrological sign, you’ll learn a lot about the type of guy you should get involved with. Read on to see if the person you’re interested in will be a compatible fit.

If you’re a water-bearing Aquarius, you have a friendly, eccentric and humanitarian spirit. On your bad days, however, you will be guarded, detached and a bit out-of-touch. As an Aquarius, you have a very unique view on the world; always ready to explore whatever comes your way. In that sense, it may be difficult for you to envision settling down or consider commitment. Your ideal partner will be an earth sign who can provide some sense of grounding, but also be able to give you plenty of space when it’s needed. Freedom is of one of your highest regards.

As a Pisces, you’re the “old soul” of the zodiac. You’re also a true empath – absorbing and reflecting the energies of those you meet. You’re a ruler of subconscious thought, dreams, imaginations and unhealed wounds. You’re deep, imaginative, romantic and artistic. But you tend to view life in rose-colored glasses and also may become easily overwhelmed by crowds. You want a partner who will be able to provide calm waters for you to turn to as you cherish your downtime to rest and recharge. Your ideal partner will stabilize you and keep your feet on the ground but also will be able to understand your sensitive nature.



As a pioneer and trailblazer of the zodiac, you are headstrong and determined. You are bold, unstoppable and firm in your beliefs. You tend to be an alpha in your relationships, and your ideal partner shouldn’t come off too selfish or domineering.

As the wheel’s ram, you are persistent and plodding. You carefully assess whether something is worth your investment or time and take the plunge when you get the green light. As a lover of routines, it can be tough for you to break out of your comfort zone. Your match will be someone who could use a sense of order in their lives and will also inspire you to try new things or ideas.

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The essence of Gemini energy is original, resourceful, charming and wise. Ruled by the dual twins, you may have a tendency to spiral upwards and plunge into lows while riding the rollercoaster of life. Your true soulmate will be patient and even-keeled, making it easier for them to keep up with your varying vibes.

Your sign is symbolized by the crab – a tough exterior with a vulnerable interior. You seek security wherever you go, and can be threatened or shy away from the idea of change. Your emotions often overrule your logic, and your sensitivity tends to be overpowering at times. Your ideal partner will encourage you to develop a thicker skin and also take risks where necessary.

Your energy is fierce, proud and expressive, but your soul is warm and kind. You’re protective of the things and people you care about. But be careful not to be possessive or selfish. Your mate will need to work to open your heart so that you can return the same love they are giving you.

As a perfectionist, you analyze everything, never missing a beat. In that sense, you can be a bit too hard on yourself. You don’t have to be everything everyone wants you to be; just be yourself. A good partner will love you exactly as you are.

Your beauty and charm may fool others; deep inside you have a fighting spirit who will stop at nothing to stand up for what’s right and just. You will want to settle down with someone who appreciates your values and isn’t afraid of the many sides of you.

You tend to be a bit reserved at first, but once you start to open up, others will feel your scorching passion for whatever fascinates you. You will want a partner who can balance your intensity and work with you to develop true intimacy (the one thing you fear yet yearn for).

You are the ultimate free spirit, but one who isn’t afraid to pursue a super-sized goal. You’re able to juggle a ton of different tasks, friends and hobbies. And you’ll be happy when you find someone who can understand and appreciate your many different pursuits. Also, you need someone who is as deeply loyal as you are.

Ruled by the persistent goat, Capricorns are among the most driven and determined of the bunch. Once you’ve set your eyes on the prize, you’ll work relentlessly to pursue it–no matter how long it takes. Your tenacious nature may make it hard for you to listen to your heart rather than your head. You want someone who can encourage you to do so and also remind you to celebrate your small victories (not just the big ones).


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