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Disenchantment: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Disenchantment is a Netflix original series created by Matt Groening, the creator of Futurama. In fact, the animation design reflects that of Futurama quite directly, even though its story is set hundreds of years in the past. Season 1 was released in two parts, with the first part in 2018 obtaining tepid compliments from critics, and the second part in 2019 receiving widespread acclaim.

Neither the storyline nor the characters in Disenchantment are in any way conventional — it couldn’t possibly be, considering it follows the adventures of a booze-hound princess, a prankster demon, and a really annoying elf, not to mention a horde of characters who are unpredictably silly in their own ways. The list below pairs the main characters with their most likely Zodiac sign so audiences can identify themselves with their favorites.

12Princess Bean – Aries

Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz, or Bean, has never been one for institutions, be it her inevitable role as a Queen or even the societal expectations that come with being a woman. She is a classic Aries, given her passion for carving her own path rather than following the grooves already set for her. There is nothing Bean wants more than “to be in charge of her own destiny,” but she often misuses her stolen freedom by going on booze binges through the night, or getting into brawls at the shadiest taverns.

11Queen Oona – Taurus

Queen Oona of Dreamland was practically sold into marriage to King Zøg, in order to establish a political rapport between their kingdoms. However, as a Taurus, Oona is all about accruing power — in fact, one of her earliest dreams revolved around her becoming a warrior queen, going on adventures, and blazing her own path through life. While she suspends her own needs for the sake of her husband and son, she ends up with her own pirate ship at the end of Season 1, after Leavo the Elf chooses to stay in Dreamland.

10Elfo – Gemini

Being a typical Gemini, Elfo is vigorous and full of life, rejecting the humdrum of his kingdom for the dangerous lands that lie beyond. He loves the idea of falling in love more than the actual feeling itself, which is reflected in his one-sided infatuation with Bean.

Elfo might be completely uninformed of many things that others take for granted, but he never turns down an opportunity for adventure. In fact, he is quite happy to journey with his friends, Bean and Luci, regardless of whether or not he will return alive.

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9Queen Dagmar – Cancer

Queen Dagmar has had quite a turbulent role in the show, going from long-lost beloved wife and mother to the main antagonist of the story (to be fair, the last part has still not been clarified). In true Cancer form, Dagmar’s most dangerous asset is her charm, which she often weaponizes in order to betray those who love and trust her, like Zøg and Bean. She is fabulously creative, given her complicated plan to get Bean, Elfo, and Luci into the underground caverns by almost letting them be burned at the stake succeeded without a hitch.

8Luci – Leo

The Leo sign grants its members with incredible bravery and a knack for cunning, both of which are abundantly present in Luci the demon. He is independent to a fault, so much so that he hates the idea of his friends rescuing him (even if there is no other option). Nevertheless, he has a high opinion of both Bean and Elfo, and shows how much he cares about them in several ways. For instance, when he pretended to have “caught” Bean in Hell so he could help her escape when the time was right.

7Stan The Executioner – Virgo

More than anything else, Virgos are sticklers for quality. They usually perform the hardest at any job. Stan, the royal executioner, is classified under this sign because of his utter dedication to his profession. This is observed when King Zøg orders Bean to execute the forest witch, Gwen, which she is unable to do, even though Stan encouraged her through the process. Stan takes this a personal insult, calling Bean a “failure” and a “quitter,” and loudly telling the gathered crowd to “make way for the loser.”

6Prince Merkimer – Libra

Prince Merkimer was a pompous man set to marry Bean in one of the earlier episodes. He is a typical Libra, considering his ridiculous levels of entitlement and selfishness, which are reflected in the casual misogyny with which he used to treat the women around him.

Upon conversion into a pig, his Libra identity emerges further, showing viewers that his arrogance was actually a way to hide his insecurities. In this porcine form, Merkimer is far more empathetic as he understands the struggles posed by class differences (to which he was totally immune when he was a prince).

5King Zøg – Scorpio

As a Scorpio, King Zøg seems threatening at first glance — his hateful treatment of both his daughter and his son, Derek, are testaments to his tyranny (forget the innocent people he randomly murders on a whim). Although it takes him considerable amounts of time to warm up to someone, once he actually does, he ends up a blind devotee to the object of his desire, Queen Dagmar, to be specific. Like most people belonging to his Zodiac sign, Zøg struggles with expressing himself emotionally; while he realizes that he is at fault for his daughter’s recklessness, he can’t bring himself to help her.

4Sorcerio – Sagittarius

As the royal scientist/alchemist, Sorcerio possesses a rational mind, a feature essential to his profession. Given his constant search for truth in realms beyond human understanding, he is definitively a Sagittarius. Sorcerio’s lab is filled with equipment that denotes his understanding of more complex fields. However, this is not shown in the series (because all Zøg wants is the Elixir of Life). He is remarkably imaginative, figuring out alternative experiments when his initial ones fail, another clear sign of the Sagittarius sense of perseverance.

3Odval – Capricorn

People born under Capricorn admire systems that follow a regimented chain of command because they find it easiest to live in a world bound by rules. Odval, the Prime Minister of King Zøg, is a prime example — he plays the role of taskmaster to perfection, following Zøg’s directives without the slightest hint of deviation.

Even though his treason against the royal family is exposed at the end of the season, he continues to work under firmly established guidelines, as shown when he provides Bean, Elfo, and Luci a “formal” trial before sentencing them to death.

2Bunty – Aquarius

Bunty is Bean’s woebegone nanny; she is regularly taken advantage of by the princess. Being an Aquarius, Bunty displays a sense of honor and allegiance to the royal household, even though it takes a severe toll on her psyche. Even though Bunty does not have much to be proud of in terms of intelligence, she has been a satisfactory maternal replacement for Dagmar, taking care of Bean without getting in her way. She even allows Bean to sleep in her ramshackle tenement when the latter had no place to go.

1King Derek – Pisces

Derek, the heir to the throne of Dreamland, is an innocent little boy who doesn’t understand much of what happens in the castle. He is classified as a Pisces because of his timid nature, for instance his childlike terror of frying pans (a result of an unsavory incident during his toddler days). Derek spends his days crafting elaborate fantasies in his head, something he continues to do even after he becomes King, although this is because Odval has taken over the reins of the kingdom.




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