• April 13, 2021

Are you one of the night owls among the zodiac signs?

The moon causes ebb and flow on earth and we humans also have the so-called circadian rhythm. The word circadian comes from Latin and means something like “daily rhythm”. Each zodiac sign has its own sleep-wake rhythm for various reasons.

Our rhythm is closely connected to the planets and depends on the rising and setting of the sun, which in turn influences our sleep rhythm. As soon as it gets dark, the sleep hormone melatonin is released and we get tired.

Night owls under the signs of the zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius

Nevertheless, there are people who would describe themselves as night owls and can work best when it is dark and quiet – a phenomenon that we can also look at from an astrological point of view.

Lion: Only the king of the zodiac has this power

You are the first in the office and the last to leave – that’s how it should be for a boss! The lions see themselves as such. As fire signs, they develop enormous energy to do their job. They are persistent and the end of work on paper doesn’t have to mean that they stop working because of that. After all, they are a role model and therefore only stop when their strength is exhausted – and this can take time.

Quite often, lions also have exciting projects in addition to their jobs, which they will pursue in their free time. Maybe you are writing a book or learning a foreign language? No matter which project a lion is involved in, if it captivates him, the job can last until late at night.

Virgo: Without structure and order there is no sleep

The virgin tasks are a horror. If some of them accumulate, it can quickly end in chaos, a state that a virgin couldn’t stand. Instead, this hard-working sign will gather all of her strength and do anything until late at night that could prevent her from falling asleep.

This affects professional projects as well as private ones. The untidy children’s room is as thorn in the side of this zodiac sign as the unfinished washing up. The problem: the virgin cannot switch off. The thoughts are always circling in the head. She can get up just as easily and do everything that often leads to a night shift.

Capricorn: The workhorse sometimes just forgets to sleep

The ibex doesn’t need much to be happy. People born in this zodiac sign are very passionate and quickly put their own needs in the background. Give this humble contemporary an important task – maybe even a little challenge – and the Capricorn-born will get to work.

A Capricorn can delve deeply into an exciting project, a good book and even a computer game. He will only stop when a solution to the task has been found. They are so deep and tireless that they often forget the time and do not even notice that it is already bedtime. Only when they are overwhelmed with tiredness do they allow themselves a few hours of sleep to continue the next morning where they left off.

Aquarius: A spraying spirit is difficult to calm down

An Aquarius day could also be 48 hours. He has too many ideas for a day and therefore sometimes the night has to serve to push a creative work or to finish it. Anyone who has been completely absorbed in one thing and is in a flow state will understand that you simply cannot stop at this point.

Aquarius is about the same way in a sociable group. He will often lead the conversation himself, but will always be open to the opinions and suggestions of his fellow human beings. And once a conversation has started, you start philosophizing – and that can’t be stopped because it’s time to go to bed. Aquarius have long rid themselves of these simple conventions.

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